Spam ads from Metro PCS


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I recently performed a Factory Reset on my LG Spirit.

It is Rooted and has Titanium Backup.

I ran AirPush Detector, but nothing was found.

I didn't have this issue before, but did after the recent Factory Reset.

The Spam appears at the bottom of my Home Screen at times.

I Froze Metro 411 using Titanium Backup, so I'll have to wait and see if that was the culprit.

Any other idea of what the culprit may be?


Edit: I believe the culprit may be "My Extras" so I just froze that as well.

Now it's wait and see.


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You talking about those ads that randomly appear having to do with metro? I think it's metroextras

Yeah, I froze that as well and updated my post at about the same time you posted.

Thanks. Hopefully this will eliminate the Metro spam.