Help speaker blew out

PC Jona

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....yea it blew it out.

odin'd to stock took it to a sprint store, they couldnt fix it.

getting a new one. fo freee

had this one for a year. :[ so many memories lol.

any one else's speaker blow out?

idk what caused it


I replaced my Epic quite a few times :/ .

One of them was because of a blown speaker. I was just using it, not even playing music or anything, when I heard some weird staticy sounds coming from the speaker, them pop, and it blew. Then I tried to play music and the quality was horrible. It's weird.


My blew out about 3 months ago - took it to a sprint store and they broke the phone, said I would have to wait 3 days for a replacement.

F*&**&^K That!
Bitch'd all the way to anyone and everyone - they offered me a crapola phone on loan for three days.
No way!!!
Bitch'd some more to customer retentions while in the store as I had been paying for the insurance.
Eventually got a replacement shipped next day to me and they took care of the deductible.

I can't believe they broke it and told me I had to wait three days - what good is the insurance?

Everything is a scam these days, no customer service whatsoever.

PC Jona

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lol just depends where you go man.

the store i took it to, the guy looked at it for an hour, didnt do anything and said he would get me a new one the next day.

i got it, everything works great, im happy.