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Speaker/Mic Quit Working - Help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tcovil, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. tcovil

    tcovil Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My Ally was working fine til yesterday. I'm in my vehicle a lot and use an audio cable from the headset jack into my radio so I can listen to Pandora radio. So I'm constantly plugging it in and unplugging it to use my phone.

    Yesterday I got a phone call, unplugged the cable from the headphone jack, and found that I couldn't hear the person calling. They also couldn't hear me. But if I plugged the cable back in, I could hear them talking thru the radio, and they could hear me. But all subsequent attempts to use the phone application of my device have failed.

    I turned the phone off and on... didn't help.

    Everything else works normally -- text messages, touchscreen, other apps, etc. I can even hear my text message notifications when they happen.

    Verizon guy was useless when I went in the store. He wouldn't even look at my phone... just verified warranty and ordered me a warranty replacement. I don't want to have to re-customize a new phone and download my apps all over again. Anyone have any troubleshooting tips?

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  2. wgbeatty

    wgbeatty Member

    Had my mic go out after 6 months. The guy at the store I went to at least checked it out, but was quick to get the warranty replacement ordered up.

    Tried pulling the battery?

    Might be a quirk, but maybe it is best to just take the replacement phone.
  3. xbrad75

    xbrad75 Member

    I agree with wgbeatty. I wouldn't try anything with internal setup of the phone (not saying that there's a faulty wire or something like that, but I had a problem with my En3 and since my warrenty was up, I went into my phone and ended up bricking it). Take the replacement phone, because it's better off then having to buy a whole new phone, unless you wanted a new phone.. :/
  4. neightwulf

    neightwulf Member

    I had the same problem. Is the "speaker" button greyed out during a call? If so, as mine was, your phone believes something is plugged into the headphone jack.

    I tried carefully plugging around with a small screwdriver but nothing seemed to help. Finally I found a post somewhere online from someone with the same problem who suggested to take a pair of headphones or whatever and just violently shove the plug in and out of the jack several times. Pull no punches. Works perfectly now.
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  5. ludeawakening

    ludeawakening Android Enthusiast

    I use my phone for the same thing and it has done the same exact thing. I pulled the audio cable while taking a call and the speaker and mic quit working. I guess it kinda confuses the hardware on what it's supposed to do. All I did was a factory reset by turning the phone off and holding Vol Down+Home+End. This resolved my problem. There is probably no need for getting the phone replaced.
  6. MrDimitrija

    MrDimitrija Lurker

    Dear neightwulf, I literally registered to this forum just to say THANK YOU, you really saved me. This happened to me yesterday and I searched all over the net for solution (i didn't wan't to reset the phone), nothing helped me. When I saw your post I was like, wtf I haven't tried that and I plugged-unplugged the headphones about a dozen times and the icon started blinking and... IT WAS GONE!!! I can't f+=king believe it, people were changing phones because of this stupid software problem. Finally, the SOLUTION to this problem!
  7. kfazz

    kfazz Newbie

    there's a little microswitch in the top left side of the headphone jack. i got mine unstuck with a paperclip. already hap a phone replace because of this. now i just don't use headphones

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