Jun 11, 2010
I downloaded the FroYo OTA update, and my external speaker quit working. The earpiece still works, plugging in headphones still work, but I get no notification sounds, music, whatever out of the other speaker. Anyone else? Any fix?

Thanks in advance!
when I go to check for updates now, it tells me that my phone is up to date, so not sure how I'd go about reinstalling it? Forgive me if there's something simple I'm not seeing.

EDIT: I did another reboot/remove battery/reset (after having done some before in the whole fixing the camera process) and sound works now. Thanks =) All seems to be good now, hope this is helpful if anyone else has encountered the same problems.
has anyone had this issue with a new HTC Evo? I just got a new one from Best Buy and it came with Froyo pre-installed... and when i got it, out of the box the external speaker didnt work. And i saw this post... and i tried to figure out a way to put it to 2.1 to see if it was just the software issue or if it really is a hardware issue... i have to say its quite a bummer having such a nice phone with no speaker lol