Dec 4, 2009
Hi all,

Unfortunately I lost my Evo this past weekend, and opted to go for the Shift as a replacement. There are a few annoyances with the Shift and obviously a few improvements over the Evo. (What a surprise.)

My problem is with the speakerphone volume. At full blast, I can barely hear the person I am talking to, and the Evo was much louder. Is anyone else experiencing this coming from the Evo? Is there a way to remedy this? Any help would be appreciated. I am very close to returning this thing and getting another Evo. Thanks in advance.
yeah the speakerphone isn't as loud as I would like.. That's about the only feature I miss from my Moment. It was louder than this phone..
I don't use speakerphone that often though but the ringtone isn't loud enough for me..
Does the speaker phone use media volume or does it have it's own volume control? Sorry I have never used it for a call but games and other things that use the speaker seem really loud.
Ive noticed while driving home on the freeway, and using speakerphone, I cannot hear anyone, and that is with all the windows up and radio off. And when i talk to the people after i have spiked with them on speakerphone they say they can barely hear me...
my only gripe is the volume slider. i always hit it in landscape mode. speakerphone for ringtones is fine for me but I did originally record/save mine loud. haven't tried the speakerphone on a phone call just yet
For calls and voicemail, it uses the "In-Call Volume" settings and not the media volume. I can hear my speakerphone with no other noise around, but it is not terribly loud and this is one of the few annoyances I have found with this phone. Perhaps this is not necessarily a hardware issue and can be fixed through a software update? I've never tried it, but how does music sound through the speaker? Is it very loud?