Speaking of Updates

Anyone have any ideas when the next update is do out? I heard rumor sometime this month, but haven't seen anything official?

I know a couple of leaks have circulated around (.214/.215) but hadn't seen anything new in the last couple of weeks.



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if for no reason other than the battery life. I'm at a complete loss for words seeing some folks rocking the RAZR getting 24+ hours of battery life. I barely use mine during my work day and most times I'm having to plug it in at some point...

edit: and yes, I did a factory reset after the update. all the apps are ones I had prior, and I didn't install anything that wasn't "needed". my screen % is almost always in the 5x-6x% after the update, as opposed to 2x% before. none of my other apps are running unnecessarily. don't use a task killer or battery manager, and haven't in years.


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What update are you inquiring about? I've got 4.0.4 on my Maxx, is something else coming?

4.0.4 is the latest android version. There is a new system version leak available. You probably have 6.16.211. The newest leak is 6.16.215. This version has not been released by OTA yet. Hopefully soon.

Der Juicen

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anybody know if the .215 fixes the time it takes GPS to get a lock? or if videos work within web browsers? those are the only 2 things that i really feel "broke" with ICS. but i would also like to see the full contacts list back in with the dialer/recents/favorites.