Mar 12, 2021
Hi all,

Hope someone can help.

So some apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Play Store and Instagram are not working because it's saying there's no internet connection. However, I can still google stuff or browse the web, heck, I'm making this post with the issue present. I can watch tiktok, browse reddit, basically use any aspect of my phone where data is needed except those specific apps.

This happens with 4G and WIFI. Only way I have figured to fix this is restarting my phone, but I can't keep doing that every 10 minutes.

I have tried soft reset and resetting my network settings - nothing help.

It's not always all apps that don't work. Sometimes it's combination of any 2 of them, sometimes just 1.

To add, sometimes (very rarely) at the top of my screen both wifi and 4g icons show up?

Is there any way at all this can be fixed?
try the device in safe mode and see if that helps. safe mode prevents any 3rd party apps from running so it may not work. the reason for safe mode is to see if a 3rd party app is causing the issue.

a factory reset might be in order.
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