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Spectral Souls - Bugged master and synthesis lists?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jefox, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. jefox

    jefox Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    I got the game Spectral Souls yesterday, and so far it's been pretty fantastic. One problem, though: The "Master" and "Synthesis" lists never fill up for me. From what the game's help system says, the Master list should show move combinations that have been unlocked during play (like combining two Slash attacks to turn into the Triple Slash skill). And the Synthesis list should show items that have been created from the crafting system.

    So far, several hours and quite a few battles in, both of these lists remain completely empty. Did I miss something in the game somewhere? Is it a bug? Has anyone else encountered this before? I'm running it on a Nexus 7, if that matters.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  2. syi

    syi Android Enthusiast

    The whole game is a train wreck man. Its one of the psps most hated titles
  3. Ynomrah

    Ynomrah Well-Known Member

    Spectral souls is actually a really nice game. The only reason why people hated it on the PSP was because the game wasn't designed well for the hardware. On our phones though it performs very well and has a really nice story and gameplay.

    To answer the op , I experience the same issue while playing. I have maybe put in about 25 hrs into the game and both those slots are empty. Its possible we may be both misunderstanding what the game is saying -- that or the game doesn't explain the system well. Either way I remember most of the combinations that activates certain techniques. I would advise the same until maybe I can figure it out.

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