Oct 4, 2011
nOOb here so please excuse my stupidity.

I rooted my Spectrum using LG Spectrum ICS.zip.

Superuser and Rom Manager just keep "stop working". I can't get into CWM recovery ( I want to make a back-up before proceeding and I can't.

I found one post (can't remember where) that said SpectrumPwnageTool should be used to root the phone to avoid some of these problems.

Can I run SpectrumPwnageTool now after the phone is rooted?

Another question is what is the key sequence to get into recovery mode? Is volume - plus power until the LG recovery Screen and then power x 3 correct?
What exactly does the LG recovery screen look like???

thanks :)
Yes you can use the PwnageTool the script will ask you if you're rooted already say yes to it and you're good to go .
Recovery: power off, hold down Volume Down+ Power and power 3X at factory reset screen .
Hope it helped .