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Speech area is now white

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Megalomando, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Megalomando

    Megalomando Newbie
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    Several days ago my S4 started behaving differently when I use the speech button, the one that looks like a microphone, the one located for instance, to the left of the space bar when typing a memo or sending a text to someone, if you want to use speech to text.

    In the past, when I would use speech to text, the lower part of the screen would have the microphone button in the middle, a white button to delete a word to the right of the button, an X in the upper right to go back to typing and the background was black.

    Now the background is bright white, the color of the mic button in the center of the window is different and I see "Google" underneath the mic button. When I am using Speech to Text at night now, my face will be lit from this white background on the screen. When I went to use the search feature in Power Amp and use speech to text, I get the same white "speech window", same everything. All the other backgrounds look fine, no other changes. Its like the colors are completely inverted but only in this one window, the text messages look just the same as always. No other color scheme is affected at all.

    I saved my data with Titanium and did a hard reset. When I got use of the phone back again I found that before I restored my data, the white screen is still there when I use speech to text or just use the microphone for a search feature like in Power Amp.

    How can I turn off whatever got engaged and return that white screen back to the default original?


  2. richardintx

    richardintx Lurker

    I have the same problem with all of my devices (5). It is a bug with the latest update. reverting to an older version does NOT fix it either.

    Google needs to fix this. Changing the background to white in the speech to text app without any way to change it back is just plain annoying..
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  3. Megalomando

    Megalomando Newbie
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    Bummer. I tried searching for others with the same problem so I wouldn't make an un-necessary post but found nothing in any search.

    This is really distracting, especially when using speech to text in low light situations, its offensive. I've looked around for different ways to update my phone (a straight Talk Gzalaxy S4 SM-S975L ) but from all I've found its not a phone that gets updated. This one has 4.3 Jellybean. But something has definitely changed in the way the phone operates, it vibrates now with no explanation of why, sometimes calls come in and there's no evidence of that in the log yet there are voicemail messages waiting. It just sucks. This used to be a really nice phone.

    If this is going to be the way this phone works from now on, then I'm going to have to look into a different provider and phone. This used to be a reliable assistant for me but now its like an employee I can't fire and has an attitude.

    Hopefully someone with more clever than I have will find a fix and make that available.
  4. richardintx

    richardintx Lurker

    The issue is NOT with the phone or tablet, but with the app.
  5. Megalomando

    Megalomando Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So lets say it is the app & not the phone, what to do? Not everybody is having this problem with their android phones.
  6. richardintx

    richardintx Lurker

    Just for the record, the white background thing has occurred on the following devices.

    3xHp Touchpad
    Samsung Note 3
    Samsung TabS

    As to what to do, I have no idea. I have installed older versions with no positive results. It all started with an update that was pushed to my devices.
  7. Megalomando

    Megalomando Newbie
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    Add to that list the Samsung Galaxy 4.

    Maybe they do it to impel users to upgrade to a newer phone.

    I wonder exactly which update it is? I can see "Google" in a darker white underneath the black dot with the > in the center so it has to be from google. Still, I don't know which app exactly to try and remove and then download again.

    Miserable. The Galaxy 5 would give me nothing new I need that the 4 doesn't have.

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