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Speech recognition for application control

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by portsample, Feb 5, 2019.

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    I am interested in writing an application for use offline that will recognize specific words and then perform an action. The purpose of the application will be remote data collection with data parsing to a table on the device. A session might go something like this,

    User: "Okay Google, open Speakeasy."
    Device: "Speakeasy open. Proceed."
    User: "Golden Retriever, 2...Chihuahua, 5...Rottweiler, 6...Tabby, 12...close Speakeasy"
    Device: "Speakeasy session ended"

    The application would have produced the following table:

    Rowid | species | count | Lat | Long
    1 | Canis | 2 |47.6062 | 122.3321
    2 | Canis | 5 |47.6065 | 122.3325
    3 | Canis | 6 |47.6071 | 122.3326
    4 | Felis | 12 |47.6077 | 122.3329

    Clearly "Golden Retriever", "Chihuahua", "Rottweiler", and "Tabby" would be defined terms. GPS coordinates are recorded at the devices location for each count event.

    I wrote something similar to this in Android Studio a few years ago using a keypad for data entry. Now that the manufacturers have all gone to slate profiles, (which don't work in the rain) I thought I might try voice entry.

    Has anyone done anything similar to this? I'm hoping for possible examples as well as suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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