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Speed dial icon for launcher

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by politzer, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. politzer

    politzer Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is this possible - to create an icon for a phone number that can be placed on the launcher - which, when opened, dials the number, or, next best, opens up the number in the dialer?

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  2. puppeteer

    puppeteer Member

    Yup. Direct dial widget will allow you to pick a specific number for a contact. You can drop it anywhere on your desktops.
  3. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Android Enthusiast

    Not that you need my help or not that you couldn't figure this out yourself, but i did what you were looking for. then i made a folder and put all my 'speed dials' into that folder. it works out real nice. I click on the folder and there are all my speed dials (Plus i have my "people" icon in there so when I need aother number that not a speed dial i still only need to click on that one folder)
  4. Tim K

    Tim K Android Expert

    What is this dialing that you speak of and what is it used for? Is it some kind of rotary texter or emailing device?

  5. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone been able to get that to work with Nova?
  6. ganj_420

    ganj_420 Well-Known Member

    If you're using Nova Launcher, Direct Dial is under "shortcuts" when you long press on the home screen. Its not under widgets. From there you can put it into any folder you want to.
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  7. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Android Enthusiast

    Thats what i use. It's under "Choose Shortcut" (after long pressing on blank home screen). There are a few choices. all work but i pick "Direct Dial". that way when i choose it, dialing happens right away. if you pick "contact" you have to choose which number from that contact to dial. Took me a while to figure out because I never thought to look in the "shortcut" section.

    EDIT: too late, ganj beat me, thanks
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  8. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Android Enthusiast

    Ganj and wedge--- you guys are awesome!! Thanks so much. I was using the contact widget, but it just wasn't the same because you had to hit it twice and sometimes it just wouldn't come up. Thanks!!!
  9. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Android Enthusiast

    Don't thank me. I'm an idiot. I should of explained it in my first reply. sorry about that. Nothing worse than waiting through replies until the question is answered.

    To be honest I forgot really. I knew how to do it and I remembered it was tricky until I found the "shortcut" thing. But still no excuse.

    Sorry again.....

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