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Speed up Android charging on PC Connect, boost from 500mA when data transfer active

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by padiyes, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. padiyes

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    As known, Android will limit the charging current as 500mA while a data transfer detected. Is there anyone know how to get rid of this limitation, so the charging speed could be boost even while the data transfer is active?

    So, I'm starting an automation work, which need the Phone to be connected to the PC all the time. The problem faced here is that the phone will always out of juice after ~12hours operation.
    I don't mind about the phone get too hot or the battery will have it's life shorten, I will think about that problem later.
    I've tried to double the cable input like the one applied on External HDD Storage, with no positive result. Also, have tried to use USB2.0 and also USB3.0 port with the same result.

    Afaik, the limitation come from device itself, NOT from this OS or the PC's hardware itself. Since I've tried to plug the VGA Monitor with USB powered input to the PC, and it could draw current for more than 1A. So, actually, there's a possibility to draw more than 500mA from PC's USB port (even a laptop can power it on). Back to the main question, could we break the 500mA limit in Smartphone (Android) even the data transfer is active at that time?

    Looking forward the feedback from you guys. And thanks for your attention.


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