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Speed up your ace

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aish_varya, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. aish_varya

    aish_varya Member
    Thread Starter

    This is completely based on my own theory.

    Hi guys,

    Some simple things i noticed which improves the performance. 1st of all Ace has to be rooted.

    1. Increase/decrease your Heap size, its the maximum memory that can be allotted to a single program. I'm using V2.3.4 and was surprised to see this was set to 64mb :O Since we have a HUGE!(sarcastic) ram of 278mb allocating such heap size of 64mb will makes apps consume more memory, and fill up RAM unnecessarily, hence degrading performance.

    i suggest using 32mb heap size, you may also prefer using 24mb which is android default.

    2. Reducing the amount of FREE SPACE in RAM
    Android has a setting which maintains least amount of free space in memory. By default it is 60mb, which means every time RAM usage increases up to 214mb- 218mb, garbage collector closes running applications to free up RAM. Soooooo, i think 60mb is too much for such a small RAM, i decreased it to 25mb. Logic behind "why to keep the RAM empty" the more cache in RAM means better loading of apps, also this will less frequently invoke Garbage collector.

    3. Increasing Minimum CPU Frequency. If you carry your charger everywhere on earth you go, you can set your MIN CPU to 600Mhz or 800Mhz and set it at performance mode. This will eat your battery like me eating peanut butter :D

    I didn't mention tools above cause i wanted you all to read it completely :p

    Go to market download these tools
    1. spare parts+
    2. blade buddy
    3. ROM manager
    4. Advanced tools

    I suggest doing only these above settings as it can seriously crash your phone(yesterday only re-installed my ROM, as i was guilty of playing with these tools)

    Suggestions are welcome. And thanks button is next to your cursor on its right hand side!

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  2. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    if the max ram set for apps is 24mb what would happen when a app needed more ram to run? would it just run as norm and increase available ram to app or force close?

    good tips thou:D
  3. DGwithAce

    DGwithAce Newbie


    thanks for the tips mate :).. though as i understand to overclock the cpu you need a custom ROM which i guess is not available as of now for ACE. So how do I increase or decrease the minimum freq?
  4. PJ147

    PJ147 Android Enthusiast

    This is not overclocking. You can still use clocking apps to set the minimum CPU freq. What he is saying is that if you set the min cpu to 600 or 800 mhz then it will work quicker ( will RAPE your battery though)

    To go over 800 mhz would be overclocking - which is not possible.
  5. aish_varya

    aish_varya Member
    Thread Starter

    hmm I did set mine to 32mb, I noticed same apps were using less RAM, except one which was "advanced tools" whose usage exceeded upto 34-35.... it didn't force close, but screen was blinking like disco lights.... lol
  6. aish_varya

    aish_varya Member
    Thread Starter

    its not over clocking.... check out this app ROM MANAGER
  7. Gammer

    Gammer Android Enthusiast

    Can you explain for me which tools do which jobs?

    Thanks in advance
  8. aish_varya

    aish_varya Member
    Thread Starter

    All these tools will do that for you.... if you dont want to download all of them then use ROM manager for CPU, free RAM size and blade buddy for setting heap size.
  9. alif01

    alif01 Lurker

    How i can do all these steps? Can anyone give me detail instruction?
  10. chavinash2004

    chavinash2004 Lurker

    Hi frds,

    1. I am using galaxy ace from last few months. I ma not able to connect to WIFI in my office...

    But recently my frnd bought galaxy R and he is able to connect to WIFI in my office...

    Only the difference is in my ACE the android version is : android 2.3.4 and my frnd is having android 2.3.5
    is it the difference or......

    any other reason. If this is the reason how i can update to android 2.3.5 in my ACE..................

    2. In my ACE i am facing the problem "Network error, please check the network". I am not able to find why the message is coming....

    3. I have 8GB memory card in it still my phone is very slow.

    Please respond to my questions. Thanks in advance....

  11. insekticide

    insekticide Well-Known Member

    Can someone explain to me in detail how to change the heap size and free ram setting. I downloaded the mentioned apps, but did not find the settings.
  12. Snatch3r

    Snatch3r Newbie

    ROM MANAGER ll brick your phone, it's not compatible with galaxy ace!!!
  13. donzzy

    donzzy Lurker

    I would suggest the ff:

    1. Partition your SD card before rooting your phone.
    2. Use custom ROM. I'm currently using Cyanogenmod 7.2 - works pretty faster than stock ROM. CM 7 ROMs already have settings to adjust clock values, so there's no need to install other apps. (Your choice, actually.)
    3. Flash a script like LagFreeV2 found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1427612. There's really a major difference in the performance of your phone!

    there are other tweaks, tips and tutorials - all found in xda-developers.com forums. :)

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