Spell Correction dictionary

I have a Droid Eris and have the spell correction turned on. I noticed that when I type a word that isn't already in the phone's memory, it says that it's saving it. Does anyone know how I can edit that list? It has accidentally saved a couple "words" that aren't really words and I wanted to clear it out.



I'm having the same problem. I can't find ANYWHERE where you can edit the list.

I found the same problem and what searching on Google tells me is that right now, it can't be done. What you can do is blow away all the custom words you've entered so far, if you have some typos in your custom dictionary. To do this, go to: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Touch Input > Clear data. That will blow away all the words you have saved so far. Really, not a great solution but at least it's something.

I can't help but think somebody will create an app to edit the dictionary or better yet, we will get an update to the OS that will allow this.

I'm not saying this is the definitive answer, but according to my searches, that's all I can find.....


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Thank you Jevid. I agree that it's not a great solution, but it helps. I guess I have to start being more careful when I am typing stuff in. Thanks again!


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We do need a solution to things like this. Other OS's like blackberry have this built in already, but then they have been going for quite a few years when compared to android.

We need to keep adding little things like this to help Android really develop.