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SPIGEN Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Protective [Slim Armor] [Infinity White]

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by sam007, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. sam007

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    Amazon.com: SPIGEN Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Protective [Slim Armor] [Infinity White] Slim Fit Dual Layer Advanced Shock Absorption Protective Case for Galaxy S IV Galaxy SIV i9500 - Infinity White: Cell Phones & Accessories


    I'm confused about this case I bought. Are you supposed to have the white part on too? The white part doesn't fit directly on the phone but only fits if you put the black part on first and then the white on top of it. The white makes it a little bigger

    Couldn't they have made both the black and white into one part so that it doesn't get so big?


  2. gksdl81

    gksdl81 Lurker

    the white part goes on top of the black TPU. you can buy the plastic part seperately to change the color

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