Aug 19, 2011
mumbai india
Hello frenz do any 1 know which text msg have split view the way v have in inbuilt msg when v rotate on either side. Does any of these text app hqvent.smsgo. this feature?chompsms,handcent and go sms?
Mate expecting a reply in 4 min to a question that is not easily understood is not cool!

I'm not confident I know what are asking but in split view on messages there is a little grey tick mark against the conversation list representing the conversation you are seeing on the right.
haha, i think u missed the AM and PM parts on the OPs posts, dave :) wat i think he's asking is if alternate SMS apps such as Go SMS, handcent, chomp etc, also support the split view (in landscape mode), like the stock messaging app does
Anyone know of a SMS app that allows you to view your text messages in split landscape mode like the stock app but in a different theme? (Only if we could change the theme on our current stock SMS app...boooooooo:thinking:)