Ben Foster

Sep 15, 2021
So I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is possible, or feasible.

I've recently download this app called FarmIt mobile which is for keeping information about livestock.

The app doesn't work because it needs to connect to their server which requires a subscription, which is too much money for me.

I was wondering if there's a way to get the app to connect to my own server, and what that server might look like? I think the sync files are just text documents.

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.
Don't know about the server, but couldn't you make an excel spreadsheet for your phone to keep track of livestock. If you have never used excel there are numerous How To Make An Excel Spreadsheet For Beginners online. I made one for travel expenses when i go overseas. It's real simple.I hope that helps.
a server does more than just store data. you will need their software on your server in order to do what you want to do.

also bypassing a service fee to get free service is frowned upon here in AF.

so either you can bite the bullet and spend money on a subscription or you can try it manually as @AugieTN suggested.
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