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Sporadic issues with charging/connecting to usb.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scottep1964, May 21, 2011.

  1. scottep1964

    scottep1964 Lurker
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    This started a few months ago and has become more persistent.
    When I plug my Vibrant into my charger (any), my battery indicator shows the lightning bolt for a split second and then disappears. My phone will not charge and connecting to computer is impossible. Then, out of the blue, it will begin working again. I cannot replicate the situation or pinpoint what triggers it.
    I have tried every combination of power on/off situations and reboots.
    My phone is now rooted but the problem started before rooting and has persisted since.
    Anyone else have this problem or have any solutions?

    Thankfully, I have 2 spare batteries that I can swap out because I would have no way to charge it.
    Also if the phone is off and I plug the phone in, it still won't charge. I tried deleting the "batterystats.bin" file to see if it was not charging because of a false battery level, but...nothing.

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