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sports armband/case/holder for droid?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sem250, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. sem250

    sem250 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'd like to replace my nike+/itouch combo with the cardio trainer/droid (GPS has to be much more accurate than a pedometer)....does anyone know of any armbands out there for the droid? Thanks!

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  2. BobDobalina

    BobDobalina Lurker

    I found one for ~$5 at Marshall's that works. It's made for the iPhone but the Droid just barely fits in there.
  3. miatadawn

    miatadawn Lurker

    Tunebelt.com sells a larger armband just for the HTC Evo and other larger phones.
  4. kwest12

    kwest12 Android Enthusiast

    I started a thread about this over in the droid x forum but no one seems to be very interested so I decided to search all the forums and I found this thread.

    Soooo I've done some extensive research on the subject of available Droid X armbands. They all seem to have 1 or 2 a major flaws.

    Flaw 1) They have a plastic sheet over the screen >>>
    This design makes sense based on the design of the armbands. Since they're all made of some non-ridged material (like neopreene) they would not be able to hold the phone without completely covering its face. Unfortunately, if you're running or even working out, that plastic sheet is going to, at best, dull the touch sensitivity: this is bad b/c you want quick, accurate access (especially while running).

    Flaw 2) A lot of them severly restrict access to the hard buttons (especially the side buttons). It's very difficult to allow good access to the side buttons with a non-ridged case.

    My [possible] solution: DIY!

    My design idea isn't anything very flashy or clever but I see no reason why it won't work better than any case on the market.
    Step 1: Buy hard case that won't wear out after opening and closing a lot (first one that comes to mind is the VZW Body Glove)
    Step 2: Buy some sort of either velcro or elastic (or both) arm band: I'm sure I can find something cheap in the sports section or knee/elbow/etc brace section in my local Walmart.
    Step 3: Shear off the little nub on the back of the Body Glove case that attaches to the belt clip.
    Step 4: Gorilla glue the case to the armband

    Done and Done.

    It's not as sleek as neoprene case but it should allow me full, unincumbered access to the touchscreen and the hard keys. My only real concern is the durability of the body glove case: I'm not sure how long it will be before the snapping the case open and closed will wear it out.

    Any suggestions to make my design better guys? Any potential pitfalls that maybe I haven't seen?

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