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SportyPal: Great app for any outdoor workout!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by cloudx01, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. cloudx01

    cloudx01 Guest
    Thread Starter

    This app works great for gps tracking any outdoor workout, for example I use it for bike riding. The App keeps gps track of maps, min/max speed, min/max altitude, distance traveled, calories burned, and total time of workout also runs in the background of your android phone during any workout. When you?re done with your work out simply upload the work out information to the Sportypal website to compare previous workout stats to stay on track with your workout plan.

    There are many great tweaks that this app allows you to do but that?s all self explanatory, now there is a downfall I noticed when I used this app on the phone during my workouts, and that is the gps tracking is not totally accurate on the map, also if you accidently shut down the app in the middle of a workout it closes the session and you cannot add any more information to the closed work out. (ex: any distance traveled after the shutdown of the app, min/max speed, calories burned) now that said after you upload your work out to the website Sportypal allows you to add any information missed due to accidently shutting down the app during your work out.

    All in all a great app for any outdoor workout!


  2. levisnpearls

    levisnpearls Member

    May 31, 2010
    NW MT
    I have recently downloaded this app and plan on trying it tomorrow.
    So far I've tried:

    CardioTrainer (just stops recording my path for no apparent reason, which messes with mileage, cal burn, etc. Not even fair to get calorie burn based on time and not incline/speed etc. A leisurely flat walk does not burn the same amount as my climb up the side of a mtn with a 20lb pack on in the same time span!)

    Runtastic - force closes on me 3-4 times an opening. Not only that, but I hiked 2.8 miles yesterday and it logged my path 250miles away from where I was. I got so fed up, I deleted my account and manually logged my activity in CardioTrainer.

    Right now, I have Sportypal and RunKeeper installed to try them out.

    The most accurate way I can get tracking on calorie burn is to get my time/miles from one app and load them into my Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople. This program gives me accurate calorie burn based on what I'm doing and how intense I am going at it and how heavy my pack is. This, I appreciate.

    Now, if I could just have an app that logs my route, tells me my elevation/altitude climb/loss on the screen, accurately read my calories burned, and give me a notification beep for every 1/4 mi & mile I would be happy. I had an app for my Blackberry that did it, so I know it can be done.
  3. zartemis

    zartemis Member

    Jun 14, 2010
    Are you sure it's not stopping the workout recording because it loses GPS and thinks you stopped? If so, you can change the autopause time interval (to longer or even 'never') and/or the GPS recording interval and sensitivity. If you are in an area with heavy tree cover or tall buildings, it will limit the ability of the app to give an accurate track.

    I don't use the calorie burn calculations myself, but you can set your weight in the app, which you should set to include the weight of, say, a 20lb pack.

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