Help Spotty Wifi


So I've read a few of the wifi problems here after my device, after having no wifi problems since I bought it a month ago, started being on and off wifi at home. None of my other devices, including this laptop is having this issue.

Its not that it cannot connect, its more like it doesn't want to stay on, at times it will be full verticle bars, at other times its completely off. All at the same location in my house, with the same router setup the whole time I've had it.

Anyone else have this issue? Able to resolve?

If I want a Samsung tech support, how do I go about?


I also have issues with my Tab occasionally showing no bars when my laptop connects without problems. The WiFi radio on my 7.0 Plus seems to be woefully underpowered. The only solution I've found is to stick with WiFi sources that are really strong (unlike the free WiFi at airports, etc.).

Since your Tab has consistently connected with your home router in the past, perhaps you have a different issue. But I would suggest connecting to WiFi as close to your router's antenna as possible.