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SPRINT 3G vs 4G service in Louisiana & Transform vs Rant

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by searcherrr, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. searcherrr

    searcherrr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is Sprint 3G coverage pretty much all over Louisiana and is it decent speed signal-wise?

    I currently have a Samsung Rant and I was hoping to upgrade to a Samsung Transform and see a speed increase in data downloading/uploading hoping that the "newer 3G Device Transform" would trump that of the Rant. Would I notice faster 3G speeds with the Transform? --- Thinking about rooting it too.

    Is Louisiana really just this low on the totem pole? Why do we always get the a$$ end of the stick? I was just looking at Sprint coverage maps of Louisiana today 9/2/2011, and I see absolute ZILCH reported for 4G service for the entire state of LA, yet tons of 4G phones are marketed here on TV daily as well as online.

    Does anyone have any clue at all when 4G will be made a priority in LA and when we can see it used widespread? I mean, thanks to the O.P. above we know downtown NO is stepping up with it (some months back), but where is it on the coverage maps? Why so slow? Why does everyone else get it before us ALLLLLLLL the TIME? I still can't even get reliable 3G service where I am most of the time and I was considering an HTC EVO 4G, but whats the point if Sprint 4G isn't gonna be available for another 2 - 3 years or more??? Verizon claims to be starting their 4G LTE service this month in most big cities of LA.... so what gives SPRINT? ANYBODY?

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  2. I.B. Pimpin

    I.B. Pimpin Newbie

    Wimax deployment may never be a priority in Louisiana. I think Sprint may be shifting their focus toward LTE. Clear does however have Wimax protection sites. Apparently the FCC said that Clear had to have Wimax towers in a certain number of cellular markets by a certain date. Shreveport is one of those places. I have connected to 4G in Shreveport along Interstate 20 starting around Independence stadium and continuing to the downtown area. There are also sites in Monroe, Alexandria, Lake Charles, New Iberia, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Slidell, Opelousas, New Orleans, and around the Houma and Thibodaux areas. These are not full build outs. There are 1 maybe 2 towers in each of these areas.
  3. searcherrr

    searcherrr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks I.B. PIMPIN! lol - It figures. As usual, Louisiana is usually dead last or near last or lowly considered for much of anything technological. We lose the Space Shuttle program near New Orleans East and I think that was possibly the most advanced technology "stuff" going on in this state. Now I guess the next closest thing is "crawfishin". lol - Why am I not surprised? So basically if I got a 4G phone and I got to use 4G service in Louisiana, it would be like a special sweet treat DESSERT that I rarely get to have and thoroughly enjoy... but always want more of later on. What a bunch of poop. Thanks though. I appreciate someone knowledgeable answering this.
  4. I.B. Pimpin

    I.B. Pimpin Newbie

    No problem. Always glad to help.
  5. TheBlackAngel

    TheBlackAngel Newbie

    i can't attest to coverage down there as i don't live in that area..... but i can suggest that you DO NOT GET the transform! worst piece of crap phone ever! i got one when i switched to sprint last November, i just bought an EVO off of ebay and switched to that and have been a million times happier.
  6. Dnice1978

    Dnice1978 Lurker

    Sprint have extended its 4g coverage in shreveport you can also find it at I 20 and I 49 junction down to hollywood ave off ramp

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