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Sprint Activation Frustration

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by noclevermoniker, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. noclevermoniker

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    Jul 3, 2010

    Jul 3, 2010
    First time poster. Been lurking for awhile and I finally ordered my EVO from Sprint.com on Tuesday and got it Thursday. I used to have sprint up until about a year ago when I switch to a different carrier (us cellular) when my contract was up. I'm currently coming back to sprint and have been battling with both technical support and porting support department to get my phone activated 3 days after it came.

    There was some kind of issue because my old account number was still in the sprint system and was supposed to be cleared out and I was supposed to be given a new account number. I was given a new order number from sprint.com and told my old account would be closed and I would get a new account. While something went wrong and I was sent 2 HTC EVOs. When I alerted customer service they said to refuse accepting one of the packages, which I did on Thursday.

    Since Thursday I have been trying to activate the package I accepted and still have no active phone. I have spent about 8+ hours on the phone with sprint and different departments all blaming each other and saying its number porting issues. The last time I called a technical support rep did everything he could to troubleshoot the issues and said it was because they sent 2 phones and I had 2 ESNs linked to the account and only the porting department has the authority to remove one. He transfered me to the porting department where I was told the issue would be sent to technical support. After informing her that they had just sent me to her and that I wanted to speak with a supervisor, not because of anything she did just because I had been going in circles for 3 days she refused to. After I again asked her to speak with a supervisor she agreed and I was put on hold 15 min before she came back to inform me I would still be waiting. Finally she just took my number and said technical support would be contacting me within 24 hours.

    Has anyone else had this frustrating of a time dealing with their activation?:mad:



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