Primal Urge

Oct 16, 2014
I have had my Note 2 for about a year and have had no issues until now.
I got 2 OEM batteries to replace original one and they are all identical except both the new batteries do this....Phone is on and charging, when it reaches 100% I unplug phone and it dies/just shuts off without powering down sequence.
I have to take battery out and put back in to get phone to power up again. When it powers up the battery shows 100% charge and there isn't an issue while it is being used unplugged. I can unplug it at 95% or even 98% and nothing bad happens...only when charged to 100%. Both new batteries do this but old one doesn't. New batteries last just like a new battery should.
my question is....are batteries still defective or is there some trick to them?