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Sprint Coverage in Houston, TX...?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by jwmacdon1231, May 3, 2010.

  1. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone give some insight regarding Sprint coverage in Houston? I'm thinking of swapping over to Sprint from Tmo when the EVO drops.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. shikem

    shikem Member

    I switched from ATT to Sprint last year. My coverage in Houston and surrounding areas is just fine. The 3G coverage is much better with Spint however. It works in out lieing areas where ATT would only get a 2G signal.
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  3. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    One thing I know for sure, Houston looks like the place to be when the EVO 4G comes out ;)

    First pic is data, second is voice. As for personal experience, with obvious reasons being I can't tell you lol.

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  4. tx_dbs_tx

    tx_dbs_tx Newbie

    I live in Houston area. Sprint service and coverage BLOWS T-Mobile away! Switch to Sprint and I promise you will never look back. My cousin had T-mobile and was stubborn and was afraid to make the switch to Sprint. He finally made the jump to Sprint and he is glad he did. Sprint's data speeds are second to none. Coverage is great all over Houston area as well as over the whole US. Have no fear make the switch when the EVO is released and you will be one happy camper with the KNG of all phones in your hand.
  5. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    I saw the map and was really surprised at how vast the 4G coverage of sprint. That was the one that made me decide to get Sprint and leave T-Mo. I have 30 days when I get my Evo to decide if the network is in fact better. :)
  6. tx_dbs_tx

    tx_dbs_tx Newbie

    You will know instantly as soon as you make your first call or fire up the web browser. Call quality is great with NO dropped calls and data speeds have been faster than Verizon from my own personal experience. I left Verizon due to locked gps on their phones and high pricing. I had Verizon for 8 years before finally switching to Sprint back in '08. Right now Sprint is the best choice for many reasons including the best Android phone,fastest network, great plan pricing, more included features for less without all the nickel & diming.
  7. Brad_Evo_Hou

    Brad_Evo_Hou Lurker

    I just purchased a HTC Evo phone at Best Buy yesterday and am very disappointed with Sprint coverage. Because the battery drained so quickly and I was at work, I didn't make may calls with the new Sprint cell phone. This morning I noticed that my phone doesn't get a 4G signal at my house. I like close to the center of the city(3rd Ward), not out in the suburbs. <br>

    This evening I had a call drop 5 times calling from my house. I kept calling my friend back then gave up. I tried calling Sprint customer service and got a recording saying to call back from another phone (I don't have a land line) before that call was dropped.<br>
    I don't recall any calls dropping from here with my last 2 Verizon phones. I hope the Sprint network is not already overwhelmed with new 4G phones going online starting yesterday. This doesn't bode well for the future. I'd like to hear from other Evo owners in Houston about their coverage.
  8. TastyPastry

    TastyPastry Lurker

    I just got the Evo4G the day it came out. I somewhat left T-Mobile (still have line, cheaper to wait out then cancel) and Sprint coverage SUCKS! I go all over Houston too and everywhere I've gone has had bad reception. Let alone 4G doesn't seem to be very good anywhere. I do believe that Sprint has faster data (when you have it) than T-Mo but again, everywhere I go no reception. I may drop Sprint, I'll see how my coverage is all over Houston within the next two weeks. I really like the phone, but it's useless most times. I don't know, been really disappointed with it.
  9. tx_dbs_tx

    tx_dbs_tx Newbie

    You guys have signal problems in Houston must be experiencing tower maintanance issues. Because Sprint has Houston COMPLETELY covered. I was without data for nearly a whole month and come tofind out it was due to tower upgrades/maintanance. You need to call sprint tech support and report your problem and let them know where the signal fade is happening at. I assure you Sprint has great coverage in Houston as well as the surrounding areas. My money is on tower related problem, not that Sprint's coverage sucks as you stated.
  10. Brad_Evo_Hou

    Brad_Evo_Hou Lurker

    TastyPastry, thanks for your post. My connection problems are the worst by my house in 3rd ward--no 4G and loss of 3G coverage/dropped calls in certain spots in my townhouse. At other locations, the 4G signal is decent. For example at work 59 & Shepard I have 4G with one arc/bar above it.
    Per tx_dbs_tx's suggestion I called Sprint to report the problem. The woman checked the towers and didn't see any problems. I question how accurate checking on a computer screen is. Nevertheless, she said there are 5 towers within 2 miles of my house and maybe I'm in a black hole (or maybe it was pothole). I told her that I never had any dropped calls with Verizon at my house so she "marked the location" for review and told me to wait until beginning of next week to see if coverage improves.
    I also have problems with new emails updating my Inbox. I have to manually updated both my work Exchange email and my GMail(!) to get the latest emails. Another major problem. Looks like I might return everything for a refund. She said Sprint has a 30-day window to cancel my contract without paying penalties and for full refund.
  11. Scooterman1

    Scooterman1 Member

    Any other EVO users in Houston area. I'm thinking of switching from AT&T as my wife and I have dropped calls each time she drives home from work (30 min drive). Only other reason to switch is AT&T is more expensive, and only 3G. I'm looking at the EVO but the comments on here may be that the EVO phones aren't that good.
    I sure hope that I see some good EVO comments. Otherwise....

    P.S. - currently on iPhones....
  12. Scooterman1

    Scooterman1 Member

    Wow.... I picked up an HTC Evo on Saturday. It's a great phone but 4G really STINKS in Houston. Clearwire (the provider for Sprint 4G), is advertising city wide on TV. But my HTC only gets 550-600 kb/sec download where I live. That's with 1 to 4 bars as I move to different locations in my house. This is terrible. On 3G, it's better than AT&T as I get 1800-2000 kb/sec. That's pretty good. I sure hope that Sprint, or HTC gets this 4G problem fixed. I don't know if it's Sprint, or the HTC phone.
    It would be nice to see some Speedtest.net speed results for 4G in the Houston posts here. Especially where you have good coverage showing. The number of bars isn't what counts as long as you have a 4G connection, it's the speed . This is what I found on my phone in the Tomball area.
  13. Any improvement in the Sprint coverage since June?
  14. Anyone have Sprint in Richmond/Rosenberg? How's the 3G coverage? How about the 4G? I live behind the new Kroger close to 59@Reading Rd.
  15. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Android Enthusiast

    Sprint is the best in Houston, I live in Sugarland and I have been able to get 4G and great 3G all the time
  16. hodedofome

    hodedofome Member

    FYI I installed the 'official' Froyo v2.2 upgrade for the Evo yesterday (the one leaked out on the internet) and my 4g reception is SO much better. The upgrade includes a radio update and I am very impressed. In places where I was never able to get 4g before I'm getting it. And in all places my 4g speed is way faster. This isn't in Houston, this is in Waco. But I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the update definitely improves 4g performance.

    As well, wifi performance seems improved.
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  17. Any word when the Epic 4G will be released? Thinking of switching to Sprint soon (currently use a flip phone on AT&T) and going with either the EVO or Epic. The thing that discourages me about the EVO that I keep hearing is its poor battery life.

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