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Mar 16, 2010
I've seen the coverage maps but I don't know how accurate they really are. So I am looking for personal opinions here.

If you live in NJ, specifically central NJ, how is your voice coverage, data coverage, and data speeds?
yea i think philly was actually one of the first few cities to get 4g. still havnt made the jump to 4g, but from the evos i have used here, theyr pretty snappy
I'm in Mercer County, and I always have 3G coverage. I travel a bit throughout NJ and haven't yet had a signal failure anywhere in NJ and anywhere specifically in central NJ.

I've hit DE, PA (Philly and suburbs), NYC/SI/CT, and Westchester NY without signal fail. I've been able to leave SprintTV on continuously throught the area.

3G Speeds have all been good, except peak time in Manhattan caused slow uploads.

4G in Philly (and 'burbs) and at Newark Airport have been home wifi fast. SprintTV is incredible when in 4G coverage.
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thanks guys, this is great news. I'm going to do the 30 day trial and then hopefully make the permanent switch to Sprint.