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Jul 4, 2011
Clinton Twp, Mi.
Was checking my call log today and noticed that a friend's workplace number had a blue circle with a slash thru it next to his name, indicating that number is on my auto reject list.

No reason that phone number should be on the list so I went to, Phone> Call Settings> Call rejection> Auto reject list, to remove the number from the reject list, thus allowing calls from this number.

Unfortunately that number is not listed on the auto reject list, so my question is, how do I remove a phone number from auto reject, when that phone number is not on the auto reject list, so I am able to receive calls from this number??? Thanks.
Another question is why, if it's not on the list, is it marked blocked?

I'd copy all the information for the contact (if you don't know all of it), delete the contact, restart the phone, then add the contact again.