Root [Sprint/Cricket] Data Usage


hey guys,

I got some issues with data usage, cycle, and graphs. i was wondering if anyone knows the answers to these questions of course without using another app or rom's data usage.

1) I was wondering if we can set the white lines to show the billing cycle (1 month) by default instead of the last 7 days only? I have to scroll back everytime to check.

2) my data usage reset on me a couple of times without me doing anything. Im not sure whats causing that, but i do have a theory that there is a "lag" of when you set your cycle and when the resets happen.
So if you initially have set on the 15th, then you change to the 1st.
And if its the 13th today. I think there is a reset on the 15th, then it goes to your new billing cycle.
This is just a theory, im not 100% sure. Can someone verify this?
If this is true, how can i make it instant instead of the delay?