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May 3, 2010
Downtown to hell
I finally decided to pull the trigger on rooting today. The straw that broke the camel's back is this cell standby bs. It is absolutely killing my battery life and I've noticed the roms all seem to have it fixed. Anyways, it feels great to be using a rooted phone again, I missed it more than I realized. I came from a OGEvo a couple months back, since I'm new to Sammy is there anything significantly different between the two phones as far as rooting goes? Anything I wouldn't pick up by reading here and over at xda?
Also is one of the two recoveries available superior to the other. I'm a little apprehensive about using CWM as it was less than reliable on the Evo. I'm not necessarily criticizing the developer, cyanogenmod also had a pretty serious glitch on the evo that would cause random brickings. Anyhow I'm just curious if cwm is the preferred or if twrp is better.
The only significant differences I've seen between HTC and Sammy's rooting methods is that Sammy has download mode and uses Odin, where HTC works through the phone's bootloader and fastboot.

Also, use TWRP. As an OGEvo user, you probably never saw it. I was an Evo 3D owner and TWRP rocked (but not as good as 4EXT...I hope that comes to GS3). TWRP is a rock solid recovery and is leaps/bounds better than CWM. Just use CWM to get root established and then use Goo Manager to flash TWRP
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