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[Sprint/Cricket] Official 4.3 update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mobclan, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. mobclan

    mobclan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    L710 have a update with kies giving your the heads up

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  2. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Android Expert

    Don't flash it, it has a locked bootloader and is different from the other bootloader of 4.2.2...
  3. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Android Expert

  4. size13benard

    size13benard Lurker

    this morning i tried to update 4.3 but it was just on the reboot screen. i hit reboot and it didnt update. what do I do ?
  5. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    Are you rooted? Custom recovery?
  6. jackroo

    jackroo Android Enthusiast

    It won't take if you have a custom recovery. I have one and I tried to take the update but it didn't take. Took me to CWM and I chose "install untrusted zip" and it just rebooted. Still 4.1.2 and still rooted.
  7. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I'm aware. That's what I'm trying to find out so we can get to a solution. If you update OTA, you'll install Knox boot loader(which you're stuck with). If you want 4.3, you can always flash a Knox free version while rooted through CWM.
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  8. jackroo

    jackroo Android Enthusiast

    Oh I meant to quote the person above you instead of your answer. You obviously knew that. Sorry man. But yeah I think I might check out 4.3 via how you suggested. Do you know by chance if the battery life is any better?
  9. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    Stock TW Roms are pretty much all going to have so-so battery. There's nothing custom on this build, but you can get rid of alot of the bloatware that runs in the background. That will certainly help.
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