Root [Sprint/Cricket] Rooted S3 says it is not rooted


Need help. I rooted my Sprint Galaxy S3, this being my first time, and everything went as it was suppose to. I have the SU icon but it wont update and all rooted apps i try say my phone is not rooted. What do I need to do?


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I just rooted my Sprint galaxy s3. I have the SU app But it wotn update and any app i try for a rooted phone says i am not rooted. What do i need to do?


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Hi there sj73kidd, and welcome to the site. While I don't have your answer handy at the time:(, as the PM I just sent you stated, I am able to move/merge your thread(s) to the section where you will get more immediate help. That is part of what we guides do:).

good luck

p.s. edit, wow that was quick, eh?