Root [Sprint] Custom ROM


I'm looking to install a custom ROM for my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. Though my phone is rooted, I've never installed a custom ROM before, so I'm looking for suggestions and step by step instructions. I'd like the ROM to be based on 4.4.4, be lightweight and battery efficient, and it absolutely must allow the home screens to wrap (If I'm on the far right home screen and swipe left, I want it to go to the far left home screen). Like it be close to stock Android. Being able to reboot from the power button is nice. I HAVE to be able to install Google apps too, in some fashion. Also love a feature comparison between the stock ROM and the custom ROM, if possible. Thanks!


Android Expert
the wraparound feature is up to your launcher not rom. Stock supports this.. you just need a different launcher that supports the ability. Zeam launcher, go launcher and tsf shell launcher (my daily launcher) are all examples of launchers that support wraparound screens. ;)

A launcher is your home GUI (Graphical User Interface)