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Sprint EVO 3D preorder discussions inside.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jvs60, May 14, 2011.

  1. jvs60

    jvs60 Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

  3. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member

  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Note the source for your link: Sprint is now taking pre-orders for the Evo 3d. : Android

    Could mean anything - could be a local franchise knowing how to practice customer retention and nothing more.

    edit - The more I think about it, there's no liability in selling a gift card and writing your name on a waiting list.

    Hardly the same thing as pre-ordering through Sprint corporate, yes? Accomplishes same thing, but doesn't have to be official, etc, ymmv.
  5. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    Yep. I pre-ordered with Sprint. They put me on the list ( 5 ahead of me) and gave me a confirm number for a $50 gift card. A few days prior I ordered with BB - before I knew about Sprint. But, I'm certain BB will price theirs higher than Sprint for the retail cost - I don't qualify for full discount. So, I'll likely purchase it with Sprint on launch day and use the $50 BB card I have for ink. Nothing lost, but I have a backup just in case:D
  6. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Hmmm. I've never pre-ordered a phone. When I've pre-ordered other swag, I've gotten a receipt for a deposit on that swag - an obligation was created to provide me with product.

    This all sounds more like: If you commit to a $50 gift card, we'll put your name on a piece of paper and commit to calling to you when stock comes in.

    They could do that without the $50 gift card. Either way, they've made no legal obligation to you.

    I don't see how that's a pre-order, but as I say, I've never pre-ordered a phone.

    (I had them put me on the Evo list last year and that was free - first ones in, in response to the calls, got stock as it arrived - not necessarily as on the list, by entry date.)

    I dunno. I'll shut up.
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  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Well, I didn't mean to dis anyone or like that - just this process confused me.

    A confirmation number means a whole lot more than a nod and a wink, imo.
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  8. spikey0626

    spikey0626 Lurker

    I have been following the E3D since they announced it on March 22. We have two weeks left on until June actually starts and so far i have not seen much else... all ive actually seen is a case. While the Sensation has had alot of publicity on the web... They even came out with an in debt version of the preview. Im just saying that they need to release more stuff instead of keeping it a big secret. I also think there not rushing anymore since the iPhone 5 isnt comin out until August/September.
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  9. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    I know...we're all just speculating. For me, I'm just attempting to get myself closer to scoring one on launch day w/o having to wait in a line before the store opens. Maybe I'm fooling myself, though:cool:
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  10. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    Agreed. Throw us a bone...er cookie, Sprint.
  11. RichboyJhae

    RichboyJhae Android Enthusiast

    Boner Cookie? lmao
  12. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    Wait, that came out wrong:cool:
  13. themuffinman75

    themuffinman75 Android Enthusiast

    It shouldn't be too bad. Last year my sprint store opened at 7am, at 6am when I got there I was number 7 in line. By the time 7am came around there were about 50 people in line. The evo 3d rush probably won't be quite as huge as the evo 4g but who knows, I could be wrong.
  14. marctronixx


    look, they didnt know how well the evo would sell. the evo has been their best selling phone EVER. they underestimated you early adopter nuts and sprint et. al had ot hurry up and make more donuts.

    lessons learned. this go around they EXPECT you nuts to buy these things on the first day. we have seen more press on the 3d than with the evo this time around as well.

    i didnt pre order an evo either but i did for the 3d. got the confirmation number and item description right on the receipt. i have no worries i will get one on launch day and you other cats who pre ordered should rest easy.. the sooner you pre order the better the guarantee.

    ON TOPIC: my upgrade kicks off june 1st so anytime after that it cool with me for a release date.
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  15. SRH12

    SRH12 Newbie

    I dont see the need to preorder for a few reasons. Just my humble opinion though.

    The popularity of the Evo is undeniable, and there were shortages. But with the galaxy s2 being this year's "it" phone and the sensation incoming. I think the demand might be a little less. That along with the fact that many people have decided that they simply dont want this because of the 3d (agree or not, it turns many people off to the device) may give it less selling power than its predecessor.

    Also, I find it a little jumpy to preorder something that hasnt been reviewed at all yet. The battery or other key features might suck. Oh and it doesnt even have a date yet.

    All of these things make me confused why so many are eager to preorder. But thats me. Dont get me wrong, I am very interested in this one, but not enough to go through $50 down for it.
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  16. Emmexx

    Emmexx Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was considering skipping this as it seemed a bit raw to me, too. Then the BB rep showed me my 'place' in line and explained what would happen should I decide to go through with it. The receipt with the number, along with a gift card I can straight up exchange, is substantial enough for me.

    If you are, then I am too hehe

    All valid reasons.
  17. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    I already planned on getting the EVO 3D when I saw the specs and before I even watched the hands on videos. The new weather features alone got me:p Battery life? Yeah, that's a challenge for these new phones. None have been without complaints. Short battery life and learning how to manage it hasn't overshadowed the usefulness and fun factor of my current EVO so I don't suspect it will the the 3D version, either.

    Some of us have to be early adopters. How else would we be able to provide you and those waiting for our reviews? :cool:

    $50 down? Not so much. Can buy anything else with the gift card if the odd chance that I'd change my mind...
  18. Evo_luv

    Evo_luv Member

    How in the world are people getting pre-orders at the Sprint stores. I just went to one and they said they weren't taking pre-orders. When I asked that Bestbuy is the only place I can place a pre-order with he said yes and proceeded to tell me that the demand will be much lower for the 3D than it was with the Evo 4G
  19. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    ^That substantiates my speculation that this is clever marketing by some Sprint stores and isn't a corporate-wide deal.

    I've read from Sprint employees hereabouts that some stores are corporate, some are privately-owned franchises, but I don't know how to tell the difference.
  20. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    After reading about someone here (can't recall member name) preordered with Sprint, I called a local store. Guy told me yes they had a list but I had to come in store...so I did just that. This was last sunday the 7th. I was #5 on that list. When I was there the store was busy, some buying the Nexus.

    When I walked in and as my name was being added to the list, a couple after me was wondering if I was getting the Nexus....told her I was listing my name for the EVO 3D...they said "the what?" lol....So, not a lot of people know about it yet. Last Nexus was sold while I was there...
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  21. marctronixx


    not alot of folks knew about the evo either back then... i can understand this..:D
  22. marctronixx


    if you go top sprint.com and put in your zip code it will spit up the sprint stores in your area. ones that say "sprint store" are corps. ones that say "sprint store by X (where X is the store name, ie. "nexgen wireless") are private.

  23. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Android Expert

    I pre-ordered mine today through Best Buy. I figure this way I'll get one for sure and if I don't get one from Best Buy I have a $50 Giftcard to buy a case or accessory for. =)
  24. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    I have no factual basis on this, but in my experiences you can tell the differences between Sprint Corporate Stores and private 3rd party franchises by whether or not the phones on display are real or dummies. At all the Sprint corporate stores I have been to, they have every display phone fully functioning, and the 3rd party stores do not.
    Also, on the Sprint App under store locator, Sprint Corporate stores just say "Sprint" and give the address, whereas third party stores say "Sprint, by: 'insert 3rd party name here.'" (like Marctronixx said.)
    Again, I cannot provide written documentation of this, but in the 3 or 4 of each type I have been to in Phx, it has held true.
    Also, The reps in the Sprint corporate stores are far more helpful and friendly. I only go to Sprint owned, corporate stores.
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  25. Drake588

    Drake588 Lurker

    This might seem like a stupid question, but on the day that the evo 3d is announced (let's say june 3rd for example) will it be up for sale on the sprint website at midnight on june 3rd? I want to get the phone on launch day, and I was thinking about pre-ordering, but I don't want to pay the activation fee they charge if you purchase it in-store. However, I also don't want it to be sold out before I can order it online and wait a month for them to restock...

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