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Sprint Help

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Jackk819, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Jackk819

    Jackk819 Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 5, 2010
    Sorry I dont know if this is the correct place for this.
    Anyways, I have a few questions. So my family has a plan with sprint were we get unlimited data, text, pic/vid, 450 mins, and some other options for $30.00, for each phone. We have had this for almost 4 years and I am wanting to get a Epic soon. My question is that since the Android service is extra will this affect our plan and not allow us to keep it? If im correct you can keep the same plan back-to-back as long as you want. So would this affect anything. I have no idea if I can get an upgrade now, I have had the same POS for 1 yr and 9 months. I took my Touch Pro 2 and smashed the thing into a wall, so I have a shattered screen and I don't think my full coverage plan will cover that :(

    I am also considering getting my own plan, I am almost 19 and will be leaving to college soon anyways. Do they do a credit check for this?

    Thanks, any help would be great!


  2. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2010
    West Allis, WI
    Call sprint, only they can tell you. I think with the 4G phone, you will need the everything data or unlimited everything plan plus the $10 4G charge.

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