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Sprint Hero Bootloader, Hard & Soft Resets How To's

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DonB, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. DonB

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    Hold down the Vol. Down button, Trackball, and Power button at the same time.

    This should be on the Boot Screen


    <VOL UP> FastBoot Mode
    <BACK> Simlock
    <HOME> Recovery

    Hard Rest

    Hard resetting the device deletes all data, including downloaded applications, and resets the device back to its initial state&#8212;the state before you turned on the device for the first time* (You've Been Warned) Make sure to back up important data you have on the device before you reset your device.

    Using the Hardware Keys

    Power the Phone Down (Hold the End Call button down until you get a pop up window to power down)

    Hold Home and Back keys at same time

    Without releasing Home and Back press the End Call button (which is the Power button) and release the End Call button.

    You should still be holding Home and Back and now a screen will come up asking for an action. Press the trackball to
    reset or back to cancel.

    Press trackball then it will ask you to press menu to reset and it will be factory original!

    Using the Software Menu Option

    Menu > Settings > Privas
    cy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything (Wheres the fun in this)

    Soft Reset

    *This will gain some RAM back if device becomes a bit sluggish and will NOT DELETE your data*

    Using the Hardware Keys

    Call Key + Menu Key + End Call Key = Restart / Reboot

    Or the Old School Way

    Simply remove the battery and put it back.

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  2. astrobill

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    Don...I think you mean "Privacy" not "Security" in that menu sequence, no?
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  3. DonB

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    Correct and edited, thanks, brain freeze, lol


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