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Sprint Hero GPS inaccuracy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by steveopolis, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. steveopolis

    steveopolis Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was wondering if anyone else is having issues or not?

    The phone previous to my Hero was an Htc diamond which worked very well and the GPS was accurate the moment i turned on google maps. But for some reason the Hero is always off its mark about a quarter of a mile to 1-2miles off. I was wondering why this is?????

    I have tested it outside and it works fine, but indoors is the issue. I have tried indoors of the same places and locations as my htc diamond and my diamond GPS picks up the location perfectly with GPS turned on. Yes, my GPS is on for the hero.

    Is there software issues or more hardware or does the GPS need to constantly learn and be on to configure and getting use to the phone?

    not sure, just spit balling here.

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  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    Turn off the "Use wireless networks" setting.
  3. TF1984

    TF1984 Android Enthusiast

    I was having the same issue two days ago. My GPS was on and the other location options as well. It seems like Google Maps defaults to the network location rather than GPS location.

    Mine finally worked correctly, but all I did was restart maps about 12 times, by which point I had already reached my destination. Quite frustrating.
  4. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Android Enthusiast

    Here is an interesting question....

    I keep my GPS on at all times. I don't notice any battery drain and can get about 18 hours out of a charge (if not more). I also have "Use Wireless Networks" turned on at all times as well. I have noticed that my weather/clock app sometimes takes some time (sometimes quite a bit of time) to update. If I were to leave GPS on as it is now, but turn off Wireless Networks, will this improve that updating and accuracy? Also, is there a reason to have both on? Again, I have not experienced battery issues, so it's not an issue. Is there an advantage to having both on? Do certain programs only use Wireless Networks as opposed to GPS?
  5. pdragon

    pdragon Android Enthusiast

    The "Use Wireless Networks" in the Location settings is for using the cell towers to try and pinpoint your location. It has nothing to do with data transfer outside of that. It's no where near as accurate as the GPS and can cause the location errors the original poster was seeing. But if you're not getting a good GPS signal wherever you are, it's better than nothing. :)
  6. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Android Enthusiast

    so the general consensus is, having both on is not required, correct?
  7. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    I roll with use wireless off and toggle gps whenever i need it.

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