John Busbee

Nov 28, 2009
guys, thanks before hand...I have a Sprint Hero and there are some things straight out I don't like.
1-texting from the phone screen-is there no shortcut or menu choice for texting? I have to remember the number (or save it to contacts) to text. No copy function to save numbers so when I switch to the message screen, I can paste.
2-Blutooth kill from the phone screen-I have a kill app now, but it is still a few clicks away.
3-new number or text while in a call-can I do this?
4-the back button go back to the home screen too much; when looking through apps, etc, I want to go back to the last page I was one before looking at the app, not close out and back to the home page.

I have the newest firmware I know of 1.5, software version 1.56.651.2

this phone doesn't flow as well as it should, it reminds me of Quickbooks, where you have to do 25 steps before you can do anything.

oh yeah, i want to dump the stupid Nascar and NFL apps, but the phone won't let me. Also want to dump the songs and wallpapers, but can't.

To remove any item from just hold it down until it lights up and drag it to the bottom of the screen.
apps/software, etc are region specific, are they not? There is a new firmware release, but I don't know if it will work in the US.