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Sprint HTC Hero Disassembly DIY

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dreamliner, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Disclaimer - You screw it up, don't blame me. :p

    DIY guide to disassemble your Sprint HTC Hero

    Because the dust under the screen is a major :mad:

    Tools? T-6 Torx, really tiny Philips & Flathead

    Time? 10 Minutes

    This phone is put together so simply, its silly.

    Step 1 - See your phone working...

    Step 2 -Back Cover Removal
    Remove 4 (T6) Torx Screws (Red Circles)
    Start at the top and pry the housing cover off (the chrome is on this piece)
    Push Tabs in (Green Circles)
    Remove housing cover

    Step 3 - Circuit Board Removal
    Undo 2 connectors (Red Circles)
    Unscrew 2 Philips Screws (Red Circles)
    Remove Circuit Board

    Step 4 - LCD Removal
    Undo Circuit board double-taped to back of LCD (Red Circles)
    Undo tape at top of LCD (Red Circles)
    Pry LCD off (Green Ovals)...it is foam taped to the front cover

    Step 5 - Look at the front housing
    And clean the dirt...

    Step 6 - Reassemble




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  2. glorify

    glorify Guest

    Cool man. Does this leave any evidence to void the warranty if you need to get the phone serviced?
  3. BoomCackle

    BoomCackle Newbie

    Better yet, could you take it to the next step and give an idea to fix the dust from getting in?
  4. glorify

    glorify Guest

    I had a Moto Q9C, the original dust magnet. The thing that worked for me was a hip case and that's it. The rubber sleeve actually HELPED the dust collect. From what I read about the Hero tho, the dust is getting in thru the volume rocker and a rubber sleeve may help.

    Goodbye old dust collecter, hello new.

    You just can't fix design errors, you just have to learn a way around them.
  5. mapimages

    mapimages Newbie

    outstanding thread, thanks for sharing

    wow just as simple as taking a blackberry apart :D
  6. nathanotis

    nathanotis Android Enthusiast

    I vote for a sticky!
  7. kayos

    kayos Newbie

  8. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Agreed. Great post. If I encounter this problem (fingers uber crossed!) the pics will be especially helpful. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The lower left screw 'had' a plain white sticker on it, if attention was ever called, you just claim ignorance. :p

    The dust is actually getting in from the top and bottom of the display by the buttons and near the ear speaker.

    It is coming in from between the double sticky foam that holds the lcd and the glass.

    It is a seal issue between the front housing and the foam ring.

    The fix is a different foam ring to seal whatever gap exists between the front glass and the foam ring.
  10. aptmx

    aptmx Member

    Great Post. You would think HTC would be able to figure out a way to seal the phone properly. The one and only issue I have with this phone is the crazy amounts of dust that can get under that glass!
  11. inline325i

    inline325i Lurker

    Contacted Sprint Customer Service today about dust under screen issue I have just begun to have. I purchased phone when it first came out so it is over 30 days. Sprint C/S (*2) said they would gladly send me a refurb phone due to the issue of dust I am having...

    UGGGGGG do I exchange for a "refurb" phone or just deal with the dust under the screen??? Would HTC come more to sending me a NEW phone?????

  12. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    Awesome post... Thanks for being brave Dreamliner! lolz...

    I don't have a dust issue, but I bought the rubber/silicone HTC soft case with the phone and as soon as I could get it on the phone I did, I mean right outside the store... so maybe I'm lucky(no dust), maybe? It's been in my pockets, pants, coat, etc...

    Who knows... anyway,

    I love to take things apart, so this will be helpful if I ever have the need. I'd much rather do this then return my Hero if I had the dust issue, I have grown quite fond of it... (lol) and don't think anyone would handle it this way with such care as I would.

  13. fivebass52

    fivebass52 Member

    Noticed a bit too much dust beginning to create a "spray" pattern in the lower right corner of the screen, and decided it was time to take advantage of dreamliner's disassembly pictorial.

    Excellent steps/pictures, as it was very easy to take the phone apart, exercising care in removing the ribbon connectors, and prying the LCD out. Once apart, I began to gently clean the LCD, and realized it is either a soft screen, or has some kind of soft film protecting it - not sure. But it is very easy to leave streaks or dust on it. At that point I just blew the dust off, and cleaned the inside of the cover, and even that was a pain. I've reassembled the phone and it's working fine.

    What I want to know is, what kind of cloth and cleaning fluid would be the best to use the next time i decide to open it up (and I will!)? I can see slight streaking at this point on the inside of my cover from using alcohol.... although it is very slight, and not noticeable when the phone is on.

    Thanks for your suggestions....
  14. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ^ I just never touched the screen, after I opened it up, I went to town with air duster.
  15. fivebass52

    fivebass52 Member

    NOW you tell me! :) Would like to know if anyone has a cleaning solution/cloth combo to recommend.
  16. Ganja_Natty

    Ganja_Natty Newbie

    Thanks for this. But this is a problem HTC admits to, therefore there is no reason for the owners to risk messing up there phone just to get dust out that will find its way right back in. I say, all hero or other htc phone owners that have this problem keep on pestering HTC, keep on calling and emailing them about this issue, until they promise everybody new phones that are guaranteed not to have this problem. We all know its going to happen. Either that, or they'll find a way to fix it for us, the customers free of charge, I mean after all this isn't our fault..
  17. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Do you really think thats going to happen.

    and HTC does not care.

    Many phones get dust under the screen, and they would never send out a massive recall of all the phones for replacement.

  18. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    While I like the idea, my problem with this is I really like the one I have. This one works. No wake lock issues, no creaking keys, lag on this one is more then acceptable etc. (and so far no dust). Who knows if a replacement (Or worse, most likely a refurb that was sent back for something) will be as good? If I have to blow out some dust myself to keep a phone I know works well, then so be it.
  19. big_z

    big_z Android Enthusiast

    If you go to an optometrist or the optometry department in Walmart or whatever they should have eyeglass cleaning cloths for sale. I wouldn't mess around with a cleaning fluid unless you have heavy smudges or grime on the inside of the glass. The eyeglass cloth should pick up the dust (and minor smudge and grime as well) pretty well on its own. I'd also glove up for this kind of thing; make sure the gloves you get are dust free (some manufacturers will dust theirs with cornstarch to keep them from sticking together). Give it some elbow grease to get the smudges out; this cloth is meant for getting dust and fingerprints off of eyeglasses without the use of cleaner.

    If you do need to clean some significant grease or other junk off of the inside of the glass, look for a product called Stoner's Invisible Glass in the automotive section. It's in a black spray bottle with a yellow head. I can't promise that it won't screw up the conductive aspects that you need for touchscreen stuff, though. I do know that it lives up to its name when I use it to clean my car windows (and is safe to use for tinted windows). I wouldn't under any circumstances get that stuff on the LCD itself.
  20. mlblack16

    mlblack16 Well-Known Member

    You would be surprised to see how well scotch tape cleans. It will remove fingerprints, smudges, lint, etc. If you rub some on the metallic button pad at the bottom, you'll see what I mean.

    If I were to attempt this, I'd use the keyboard air cleaner and scotch tape. As long as you're using a good brand, it won't leave any adhesive behind.
  21. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Still no STICKY?!?

    Great job BTW!!!
  22. Michaelvg1

    Michaelvg1 Member

    Question. The first one I bought had a dust problem after a week. I returned it. The box had a sticker on it that said 12/17/09. Is it safe to say I have a newer model? How would I know my Google version phone is fixed
  23. caseyatbt

    caseyatbt Member

    Is there a way to separate the grey portion from the screen? I kinda want to paint or dye the body to a different color.
  24. shawheim_a

    shawheim_a Android Enthusiast

    ive had my hero for a lil over a month and have had a rubber sleve on it and i have no traces of dust at all.
  25. jrich

    jrich Lurker

    I'd like to do the same with my Hero...I feel that it looks a lot better in black. Plus, the silver trimming on the sides will pop more.

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