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Sprint HTC Hero Max. Volume Too Low

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JDub, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. JDub

    JDub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey, everyone!

    I've had the hero for about two months now and remain frustrated with the maximum levels of both the Ringer & Media volume settings.

    Does anyone else experience what seems like a maximum volume level that just isn't loud enough?

    If so, can anyone point me to any hacks or free reputable apps that are available to rectify this problem and push the max. volume levels higher on the Sprint HTC Hero?

    If you feel that the volume on the Sprint Hero is adequate, please reply stating so so that I can try to determine if my particular unit might have a hardware or settings issue.

    My apologies if I'm raising a topic that has already been addressed, but I searched the existing forum threads for some time without success.

    Thanks guys, and gals!

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  2. rolltrain

    rolltrain Member

    I agree with you 100%. I got the Hero for, among several other reasons, consolidating my gadgets. I don't want to use my ipod any longer. I still love the phone but I hate that it is not louder. I ride a sportbike and love to have music going while I am carving through twisties. The Hero BARELY has enough volume to overcome my bike at rpm's over 5000. But nowhere near providing a good listening experience. Even working out, I am always wishing I could turn it up.... I have seen no apps and have asked on here about it and found nothing that makes it better. If you do find something, please reply back.

    What I find weird, I have read posts where people say their Hero is very loud. This is my 2nd Hero and it is the same as the 1st. *shrug* I think it's the phone.
  3. JDub

    JDub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your feedback. There is an app. available for a small price that appears to be a Volume Hack in the Android Market, but I believe you have to have your phone rooted, and I'm not going through that mess. I'll take it back and demand an exchange to see if a replacement solves the issue before going near that solution. Hopefully where there's a will there's a way on this issue.

    Other fellow Sprint Hero users... Please weigh-in on your opinion of the max. volume.
  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Volume on mine is perfectly acceptable.

    I don't use mine for music or anything when I'm on the bike though, way too many crazy drivers in FL to listen to music while on the motorcycle.
  5. Mauddib

    Mauddib Member

    Agreed that the volume is to low. Unfortunately I don't have a new car with a way to plug my phone into the audio system and I enjoy listening to podcasts on the way to work. Because of this I have to hold it up to my ear just to hear it. I would love to find a better way to increase the volume, maybe I will look at that app.

    As for rooting your phone, that is very easy. Check out this site
    Geek For Me – Android CDMA Sprint Hero
    He just put together an auto root. I was playing with it earlier today with no problems.
  6. rivercat123

    rivercat123 Member

    The external speaker on mine is very acceptable, especially compared to other phones I have used. The only fault I can find with the speaker is that it is located on the rear of the phone and the sound is directed away from you. If it was located on the front it would sound much louder.
  7. SnoopyWG

    SnoopyWG Newbie

    Yeah, I wish it was louder, too. I just moved from a Treo 700p and that was plenty loud... and the vibrate was stronger too...
  8. rolue

    rolue Newbie

    Volume through the headphones are too low most of the time. Sometimes, depending on the song, it's better. I think it has to do with the quality of the download. 192 or better. I'm looking into those portable headphone
    adapters. They are small. They range from $20 to $400. Forget the external for music. If that was louder, it would just sound worse.
  9. revtime

    revtime Well-Known Member

    The volume on my hero is almost too loud. I usually have it about 3/4s on ringers and notifications and halfway up when listening to music. Or maybe i am just too old. Lol
  10. momoceio

    momoceio Android Expert

    Mine is deafening although i don't expect to hear it over the noise of a motorcycle engine. I never have my ringer volume all the way up though...way too loud
  11. rolue

    rolue Newbie

    I thought the OP was talking about music through headphones volume.
    Of course the ringer and notification volume are loud enough through the speakers. Why is everyone commenting on those. He's talking about music through headphones.
  12. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    I also would like some way to get more volume out of the headphones. I've seen the volume hack app for root, but I'm holding off on rooting 'til I see what 2.0/2.1 does for me. Anyone?
  13. ErinK

    ErinK Lurker

    IMO the maximum ring volume is definitely too low, and the vibrate feature is useless.

    I've never once felt the phone ring, unless I happened to be holding it in my hand. I've had the phone in my back pocket, expecting a call, and missed the call. So, big fail on that account.

    I was talking with a Sprint service rep the other day and she said her friend's Hero vibrated so much it moved on the table. Mine has never come close to making an escape.

    I'm definitely dissatisfied with the volume settings. I had to change to a louder ringtone (how is that even possible!?!) because I was missing calls. And when the notification volume was set at the same level, it was way too loud (I seem to have got it configured okay now).

    It also annoys me that there's no way to set an audible notification when I receive a text message. Seriously?
    ****EDIT**** Sorry - I meant there's no way to set a _vibrate_ notification for text messages. Thanks eyebeam, I do have a sound notification set. Duh.

    But I'm having other hardware problems now too - apparently something has fallen off inside my phone and is making a terrible buzzing sound during calls. The cut-metal button decorations broke almost immediately, and are continuing to deteriorate. I'm thinking about getting a new handset but I'm not sure how easy it is to transfer settings to a new phone.... But I digress. Yes, the volume is wonky, you are not wrong.
  14. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User


    Go to Messages > Menu > Settings > Scroll to Notifications and make sure it's checked > right underneath that > Select Sound.

    In Handcent: Menu > Settings > Make sure Notifications is checked > Notification Setting > Select Ringtone.

    ...Unless that's another problem you're experiencing.
  15. iCrash

    iCrash Newbie

    I have these amplified Sony ear bud headphones that I got so I could actually hear the movie I was watching on my laptop over the engine noise on the plane. I bet that they would work for you. They do a really good job of deadening out all outside noise and they are cheap. IIRC they were $20 at Walmart and they are powered by a AAA battery.
  16. DanDroid

    DanDroid Well-Known Member

    I took a shot and bought the SkullCandy ASYM for $39.00 at Target. These are hands down, the BEST in ear headphones I've ever owned. Very comfortable fit, most of the time I forget I'm wearing them. If you're looking for a headphone replacement, I would highly recommend these.
  17. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Hmmm... More much desired volume -or- Deal with the mutants in Walmart. Tough call. :p

    I looked for some amplified headphones/earbuds on line (I guess not very hard), and saw nothing reasonably cheap. Thanks for the tip!
  18. b0n3z

    b0n3z Newbie

    I find that the volume is only inadequate at the maximum level when on a call. Both with speaker phone and without. I wish there was something I could do. Everything else is fine.
  19. dspencer

    dspencer Lurker

    Having the same issue with max volume. Both media and when on a call using headset. I'm using the bose in-ear headset and thought it was the headset but have tested on other devices and determined that max volume on the hero is too low. I can barely hear someone on a call. Don't want to root my phone to install the volume boost app, any other suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if you think this is an issue with the device and if I should exchange.
  20. Nanan

    Nanan Newbie

    I too wish the headphone volume could be increased a bit, as is the max volume is about equivalent to my 4g ipod nano at 50%.
  21. howiesf

    howiesf Member

  22. tswarts

    tswarts Lurker

    if you want to listen to it in the car. you can go buy a transmitter.. you will set your radio to a station that isnt used and plug you phone into it through the headphone jack. then plug the transmitter into the lighter of you car.. and enjoy all your music thrugh your car speakers:)

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