Root [Sprint] Mobile Network Disconnected


Hello, I am having an issue with my Galaxy s4 L720 Sprint phone. I updated to Omega custom rom and lost my ability to use wifi or mobile network. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in restoring this. I attempted to recover to my backup but there was an MD5 mismatch and the backup is somehow deleted. Should I reinstall a stock rom? Would that recover my network?


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Found a stock rom and installed it after moving the majority of my info off the phone. but i got my network back so i guess this thread can be closed.


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Hello GrimXI, I am glad you got your phone going again. :)

I don't have your phone and I don't know why you had the problem you did with a custom rom... sometimes one might have to call and have them 're provision' it, I think is the term, to get that stuff working.

My phone is rooted, as well. If I had trouble like that when flashing, the first thing I would wonder is if I had a good download of the rom to begin with, there are a number of good md5 checking apps on the market. It is a good idea to use one to check the file as it resides on your phone, before flashing, as well.

Another thing is a good wipe before flashing the rom. And maybe a wipe of cache and dalvik cache afterwards.

It is a good idea to pay particularly close attention to any comments the dev puts up in his post, as well, things like what version of firmware one needs to be running for the rom to work, etc.

Also, reading into the thread where you get the rom, to see if anyone else has had problems and how they were resolved is a good idea too.

Maybe those tips will help for next time. In the meantime, I think it would be a good idea for you to make a nand backup of your current running system. Also to get an app like Titanium backup pro and use it to backup your apps and other settings and maybe even use it to freeze bloatware to see if the rom will run without stuff you don't want. If so, you can use it to uninstall them!

Like I said earlier, I am glad you got your phone up and running again. :)