Sprint Navigation battery life SMS fix etc

Been reading on here since getting my Hero on Friday. They updated it to 2.1 in the store before I left so I have no reference points before that, they also loaded Advanced Task Killer and told me to kill tasks occassionally to save battery life.

I still had poor battery life. It improved when I turned GPS location off except for E-911 and switched to Handcent for SMS. My awake time has dropped way down.

What I am noticing though, is that many times throughout the day is that Sprint Navigation is running even though I am not using it and have not started it. I have not checked to see if this forced GPS back on or not, but, why would Sprint Nav be running on it's own? This is strange to me.

I'm coming from an Instinct so I've never had a Marketplace or a way to see what was running on the phone but I would have to assume that on the Instinct that Nav only ran when I started it.

Thanks for the help because a simple search didn't turn up anything useful.


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Task killer is something that should be left alone, I'm good with that.

I'm a brand new Android user, but, a well seasoned smart phone user, just one that has never used a smart phone with such bad battery life!

I cannot even make it all day, and I've followed every suggestion I can find in these forums regarding extending the battery life without buying an extended battery.

And as far as the SMS fix, even though I have turned OFF notifiications in Messages as well as I know how, I still get pop up notifications when I get a text message from both it and Handcent, but, the native SMS is the one that tries to take stage front. But, my understanding is that as long as I don't SEND a message using the native SMS app, I am okay, right?


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Surprised they installed a task killer in the Sprint store...

I'm not. They put one on my Hero when I got it. This forum made me stop using it though. :) Maybe you just have a bad battery, or maybe you are a heavy user. I don't know. All I know is that mine works all day and I would consider myself a moderate user. As for your messaging, I can't help with an answer. The stock is all I use. No Handcent or anything else here.