Root [Sprint] New to lg ls970 unsure if softbricked or hard bricked


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Okay so here's the deal. I'm sure everyone heard the I bricked my wife's phone help

Well this isn't the case she gave me the phone after it shut off. So I use it as a project phone. Now

The phone was stock unrooted and unlocked I recently learned that it is a mako device. Using project freegee from the play store I rooted and unlocked the phone after a week it shut off only flashing a red led light. I study online learning about it and found the battery trick which works but once I plug the battery back in sometimes the light blinks faster or will go dimmer and such. Now I plugged it in my computer and had the recovery screen on and it worked it cane on through recovery I thought it was a recovery problem which I had cwm 6 installed . I flashed phillz advance and now it won't even come on but if I pull the battery it will. I even had the phone booted to lg and then the sprint boot but it shut off which made me think it was a power issue but my computer sees it. I can't get into download mode or the boot screen. I am downloading the stock files now trying to figure out how to flash it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

okay i am now in download mode and can get into boot loader but the recovery is well not booting but i have fastboot and download mode so where do i go next ? i swear there isnt a clear and simple guide