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Sprint: Nexus S vs. Evo 3D

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by csschroeder998, May 25, 2011.

  1. csschroeder998

    Thread Starter

    i currently have an Optimus S, and i HATE it! i decided to wait till the Evo 3D comes out (hopefully) next month. however, someone mentioned to me that they thought the Nexus S would be better. should i go with the Nexus S now, or wait for the Evo 3D?

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  2. If you like root and custom roms, skip the evo 3d, the bootloader is signed and encrypted, which means it is very hard to do anything with.

    The nexus s 4g only has a locked bootloader, which can be unlocked very easy and fully usable.

    With the locked bootloader on the htc evo 3d, you are going to be stuck with a outdated os for the life of your phone.

    Security issues are always going to be a problem, nothing is 100% secure, but the locked bootloader you are 100% at the mercy of htc to update your phone, which given that the htc evo 4g is still on a old 2.2 software, is just sad.

    You might not be able to remove bloatware that will effect your phones security and performance.

    If you want to the htc evo 3d, please contact htc about removing the encryption off their new phone, HTC | Facebook.
  3. Disregard everything I have said, htc has changed it policy on boot loaders and out of the two, the htc evo 3d is by far the better phone.

    Long live htc.
  4. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Android Expert

    I would still, personally, get the Nexus over the Evo3D. I like the Super AMOLED screen and Vanilla Android on the Nexus 4G. However the Evo3D has much higher technical specifications over the Nexus.

    UPDATE: After seeing some serious reception issues with the Nexus S, I would now recommend the Evo3D. Even without the AMOLED screen the Evo3D is set to have a "rgb qHD" which should be an even clearer & more vivid version of qHD over the current "pentile qHD" LCDs on the market now.

    However, don't discount Vanilla Android. The Nexus S is a beautiful phone and I'd be happy to have one. I'm sure this reception thing will be cleared up soon.

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