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Sprint Nexus, T-Mobile nexus or no nexus?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 1Cent, May 20, 2011.

  1. 1Cent

    1Cent Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I'm a new member of this forum and I'm considering buying a nexus s. At first I thought it was obvious to buy the sprint 4G version, but now I'm not to sure...
    I've heard a lot of cons about the down and upload speeds on the 4G network for example, and it seems to be the biggest complaint at the moment.

    So my question is. Is it worth buying the Sprint to get the 4G or just to get sprint overall, or should I buy the T-Mobile version? Or should I just wait for a better device to come out?

    Thanks! :) / 1Cent

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  2. Jareris

    Jareris Member

    Well I was in the same boat as you and decided to get the nexus s 4g despite the issues. The thing for me was this is a Google device and gets all the major updates first. This was what made me get it. I am experiencing the weirs signal issue but am still able to use the phone. Plus, sprint offers a 30 refund period.I say get the ns4g and try it out.worstcomes to worst you return it. Win win.
  3. 1Cent

    1Cent Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Of course! In that case it would make more sense to get it then. Thanks!
    So I guess the 4G problem is a software problem if it's fixable by google?
    Oh, and do you have to pay extra for some kind of satisfaction warranty from sprint?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions, I've been living in Europe for several years and now moving back to the states. A LOT has changed :eek:
  4. Jareris

    Jareris Member

    The 30 day refund period is standard. As for the signal issue, I'm using my ns4g to browse the forums and type up this message. I only get no signal errors every now and then.
  5. HatTrick327

    HatTrick327 Newbie

    I work for Sprint as a Technical Consultant (glorified nerd). I live in an area that is testing 4g and still get 4mpbs down on a terrible connection. From what I am seeing is the radio's on the phone are fine...I think the phone may not be displaying the correct signal strength. Got maximum of 7mpbs with my evo on best signal.
  6. HatTrick327

    HatTrick327 Newbie

    However, I assure you that Sprint knows something is not right and are working on it. There relationship with Google is a unique one in the mobile world, and they dont want to eff it up....
  7. 1Cent

    1Cent Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well as long as the browser speeds on the 4G network improve I'm happy. As it is now people are claiming that the t-mobile version gets the same download speeds on 3g as sprint's on the 4g. If they at least fix the speeds it'll be worth getting sprints version.
  8. 1Cent

    1Cent Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Signal issues aren't as big of a gripe as slow browser speeds for me.

    If you turn it in within 30 days, would you have to swap it for another phone, or can you cancel the 2-year contract?

    Is it overall possible to swap your current phone for another whenever? If the Samsung Within (Galaxy s 2) comes out this fall sometime, could I swap my nexus s? or how does that work? (or am I stupid?) :(
  9. HatTrick327

    HatTrick327 Newbie

    You would be paying the full retail price for any other device outside of the 30 day exchange period.

    And yes, you can completely terminate your service within that 30 day period. Just make sure you keep the phone in like new condition and have everything that came with it....also, don't root it.
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  10. irev210

    irev210 Lurker

    If you are getting 4mbit down using speedtest app - you can't get any higher due to a software glitch with that program.

    When running that app, I max out about 4mbit but when I am tethered I get well over 10mbit.

    Also, for people that are having connection issues - it's caused by the 4G radio sleeping. For example, when the user navigates to a webpage there is no data connection as the radio is still sleeping. Once the radio wakes up, it works fine.

    Both are software issues that I am assuming will eventually get fixed. Both are relatively minor issues and shouldn't stop anyone from buying this phone.
  11. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    I can get over 4 using the speedtest app no problem.

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