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Sprint Nixing $10 Premium Data Fee??

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by RoboMonkey, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert
    Thread Starter


  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Just checked.... still shows on mine :(
  3. tech411

    tech411 Newbie

    Still shows on mine. :(
  4. tiny2nz

    tiny2nz Member

    still on mine too
  5. Doomstang

    Doomstang Android Enthusiast

    Still on mine too
  6. ahowsare

    ahowsare Lurker

    Was reading about this on another board. Seems that it was still showing on family plans but not on single lines...

    Edit- its not showing on my account but my new bill isn't out yet...
  7. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    I dont see the fee on mysprint.com. But I wont believe it until I get a bill thats $10 less. Crosses fingers!

    I am hoping that this is their answer to ATT's anymobile/anytime.
  8. rambo47

    rambo47 Well-Known Member

    I just paid my bill online. Family ED share plan, and the premium data fee is indeed still there. For the last couple days Sprint's web site has been having trouble showing bills online. The loss of premium data fees on individual accounts seems tied to these site troubles. I'm sure Sprint is working on restoring things and may have rolled back their data bases to a time when the premium data fee was not fully implemented. I expect they'll have this sorted very soon.

    If Sprint was dropping the premium data fee, don't you think they'd have called another event, hired David Blain again, and milked it for all the good publicity they could get? Lord knows they need some about now, and the Kyocera Echo sure doesn't fill the bill.
  9. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Android Expert

    What's the Echo??
  10. gopens

    gopens Member


    "The $10 premium data fee has not been removed. It doesn’t show on the main account page, but if you click on “Analyze My Plan” right under the phone details, it will show that you still have the $10 fee. I am not sure of Sprint’s reasons for it not being in the “Add-on’s” section of the plan details, which is where all this confusion is coming from. People are not seeing it there, and are assuming that Sprint removed it, when in all actuality, it is listed in a totally different area, where most people don’t look. So check out your “Analyze My Plan” section and see if it’s there. I bet it is. If not, then please let me know so I can see why mine isn’t removed…lol:)"
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  11. howiesf

    howiesf Member

    As customers of Sprint who feel mislead by these new fees (and in my case, my now 5th Broken Hero, removal of discounts for long time Sprint customers, and other changes... the bottom line is that we use the power of both Social Media and "Word of Mouth" Marketing so that both Sprint, and one day the Feds, may, may just finally see the effect of these changes on their customers and actually "Listen."

    I'm not gonna spout off here. All I say is PM me if you feel feel i'm right or are like "oh well, there is not much i can do...yada, yada, yada, Wrong ! WE CAN MAKE CHANGE!:):):):):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:rolleyes:
  12. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    At the pace Sprint is going.... Virgin Mobile, Verizon or ATT here I come.

    Last week, it took 3:17 seconds to open androidforums.com, then it sped up to 15 seconds. This morning, it was down to 2 minutes again. And I just tried again. 1:16 seconds.

    My boss, could open up the website in 11 seconds on his DroidX, consistantly.
  13. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    If your service and connectivity is that bad then you definitely need to switch.
  14. viber

    viber Android Enthusiast

    That is rocket science for some people...
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  15. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    People will switch. Sprint lost 10 million post paid customers in 5 years. In 2010, they gained! 58K post paid customers. At the rate that Sprint is adding large fees... they will be losing customers by the next 2 quarters.

    I am not sure if you heard of this.... but a lot of cell phone companies have these things that keep you from switching carriers for 2 years. Its called a contract.
  16. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    True there are contracts. How long have you been in yours? It may be better to check your etf and leave so you can go get what you want. If you are new, why didn't you just call it quits on day 29? Not trying to be ugly, just curious. If my service was really that bad I'd be off like a prom dress. The improved service, fewer headaches and less stress along with the savings you have projected by switching would be more beneficial in the long run would be worth it imho.
  17. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    I have been on since June 10. The Data speeds have gotten more erratic(Average speeds to VERY slow). I was also promised, simple plans, "4G Expanding to my area by November".... and an annual phone upgrade. All Lies.

    When I first got my phone, I could play youtube videos in HQ. Now attempting to do so an exercise in futility.

    Unless you have a friend working at Sprint or are on Sero without knowing someone that works there. I dont understand is why people are so quick to defend a company that is removing discounts, adding such significant fees, and removing valuable perks....

    1) 4G Fee, after the CEO talked about how 4G costs them less and could be offered at no extra cost to the customer
    2) Data speeds slower than the competition in most area's
    3) Corporate discounts removed from add ons
    4) 4G Fee went over so well, they changed it to a fee for every smartphone(combined with the discount removal this Doubles the cost of additional lines on family plans)
    5) 4G already outpaced by Verizon
    6) Literally stole our annual upgrades

    Sure Sprint is a little cheaper. But not much, anymore. Each time Sprint changes their plan, and there is no backlash... they change something else.

    ALL of these changes were in 8 MONTHS! What do you think they will change next?
  18. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    I get that you're unhappy. Your bill shouldn't reflect the "smartphone" increase until contract renewal time. So, if your bill is the same and you can stand it, ride it out and then switch. If I were that unhappy, though, I would leave. You say you don't understand why people are so quick to defend this company. Well, I'm not unhappy. I have excellent service and am happy with my phones. However, you are on here constantly bad-mouthing them. Who were you with before? Why did you leave? Would you say the company you were with before is better than Sprint?
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  19. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    My guess is Sprint will be back to negative post paid subscribers Q1.

    I haven't had my EVO for a year and I'm looking to jump ship after the nice little note they sent me in the mail saying that as a premier silver member I have wonderful option of updating every 22 months. :)

    Tmob is $80 a month for unlimited text and data with 1500 minutes...me thinks thats what I'm paying Sprint. Or I'll just go prepay.
  20. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    Virgin is on Sprints network. 1200 minutes(anytime), unlimited 3G data and Text = $40. I might as well save $$, since I am not getting decent speeds.
  21. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    Why would you do that? I get that you'd be saving money but you'd still have crappy service because they're on Sprint's network and your service is already bad. Although you'll be paying less you'll still be unsatisfied. Also, you may want to consider whether or not roaming is included, especially if you do any traveling. You'd probably be better off going with tmo or vzw.
  22. lornaevo

    lornaevo Well-Known Member

    Just checked my bill and it was removed from my bill. Funny thing though my bill is now higher than past months. I'm about to scrutinize my bill.
  23. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    I dont expect Steak at Hamburger prices. The opposite is True. I dont want a Hamburger at Filet Mignon Prices. When I am paying a premium, I expect premium data. I can deal with Slow Data, if I am paying less.

    Speedtest to DC RIGHT NOW = 0.26Mbps down and 0.18MBps up. Thats 1/8 of what my coworkers get. (Edit 9:09am - 771Kbps/513Kbps, why so inconsistant)
  24. SoulTerror

    SoulTerror Android Enthusiast

    I doubt they are getting ride of it since they just added the $10 to all new upgrades and activations of smart phones.
  25. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    Well, you know what's best for you. What I was getting at is that before Sprint put the $10 smartphone fee out there (which one wouldn't be paying yet until contract renewal unless one already had an EVO or Epic) you seemed to be ok with what you had. Now that they've imposed the fee, even though you aren't paying extra, you aren't happy, and are reporting poor performance. So, if you were willing to pay more than $40 a month before, why keep crappy service and pay $40 a month when you can pay close to what you were paying to begin with and have better service with tmo or vzw? I am just not understanding your reasoning, that's all. I understand you don't expect steak from a hamburger joint and vice-versa. However, if you wanted steak, could afford steak, and were paying for steak but then they started serving you hamburgers for the steak prices, why would you settle for a cheap hamburger elsewhere when, since you are going elsewhere anyway, you could just go and get the steak?

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