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Sprint or BB Insurance?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aptmx, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. aptmx

    aptmx Member
    Thread Starter

    Fellow Hero owners:

    Do you guys prefer the Sprint or the BB Insurance? I have to decide which one to get! They are both $7.99 a month (for the most complete plan). The BB one does not cover loss, theft or complete submersion. The Sprint TEP one does, but there is a $100 deductible. The BB one has no deductible. What do you guys have? Any recommendations based on past experiences with either plan?


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  2. UTnick

    UTnick Well-Known Member

    i say Sprint. BB isn't really insurance, but an extended warranty against damage. if you lose you're phone -- your hosed. go with Sprint.
  3. LTZguy

    LTZguy Well-Known Member

    i have the sprint ins....its great. I lost my instinct and got a new one...had to pay a deductible, but thats cheaper than trying to buy another phone before you are eligeable
  4. ItsDon

    ItsDon Member

    I went with Sprint also after reading some horror stories online about BB 'insurance'. Also, Sprint is $7/mo and BB is $10/mo for the Hero.
  5. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    Do the math.

    $100 deductible + $7 month x 24 months = $268 if you replace your phone once(and you will probably get a refurbished phone). If you have to replace it twice = $368. If you are patient, you can get one for $275 right now on eBay. In a year from now you will be able to get these phones for about $100 -$150 on eBay.

    These insurance companies are not offering this out of the kindness of their hearts, they make huge bucks from these plans.

    Be careful with your phone and it will last. Also, you have 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers defects.
  6. doanius

    doanius Newbie

    Peace of mind is what we pay for. The Ebay option, what if you get a phone that is reported stolen, then you have to deal with the hassle to get your money back. 1 year manufacturer warranty means you have to send your phone in , might take a week or two to get it back. (guessing, never had to send it in because of sprint's insurrance)
  7. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    Forget the insurance, I just bought a 2nd Hero or $69 from Bestbuy. :D That is $30 less than Sprint deductible. And so if I never use it, then oh well, I still have the extra charger and battery!

    The eBay thing... I would never buy without checking out the ESN first and Paypal has your back on most purchases. I don't buy from non-verified sellers.

    So the bottom line is with the insurance, you are still out $268 for a single phone replacement.
  8. doanius

    doanius Newbie

    How are you buying it without activating the phone? You usually have to buy it with a contract ( new or renew )
  9. doanius

    doanius Newbie

    I just checked the best buy website, keywords there are "with a new PCS account"
    HTC Hero With Google Grey
    for Sprint PCS


    after instant discount with a new Sprint PCS account

    Price without new account: $599.99
  10. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    See this thread. For about a day and half, Best Buy was offering the Hero for $69 for new or extended contracts. See on the 2nd page a screen shot of the offer from the Best Buy website.


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