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[Sprint] Porting a rom to work with this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alpha2k, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. alpha2k

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    I found a rom that works on sh-l720t called echoe rom. Only thing that I found does not work is gps sadly :(.

    It's for the i9505 phones but I found one the works on this phone.

    Have not had a chance to check blue tooth or wifi yet but the rest runs flawless.

    It is completely s5 oriented so it has pretty much everything s5 including settings, quick toggles , recents, the works. Runs VERY smooth and snappy.

    Some have reported no working gps and that's exactly the issue I am having.

    There is a work around for the 4G lte/data not sticking or staying in issue. I have working data and it stays on instead of losing it all the time.

    For anyone with some knowledge about roms, have a question for you all. I have looked and found some threads about "how to port a rom over for your device/phone". I'm curious if I decided to tackle this task, would this work for maybe fixing the gps or wifi or data to work correctly on this phone. Ie: instead of being for the i9505 it would be for the sph-l720t phones in turn gps, wifi, and such would work correctly?

    Ignore the sig, it's picking up the roms setting as my phone is set to i9505 but trust me the phone IS a sph-l720t sprint phone.

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