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Sprint reportedly wants to keep Nextel alive, and merge VM/Boost

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by kate, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. kate

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  2. Rukbat

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    Three of the big selling points of Nextel were quality, push to talk and gps location of a phone. The last two are available as apps all over the place and no one is making a smartphone you can throw against a wall and break the wall. It would be like Coke going out of business and reopening as a brand of bread.

    Or do they think that the average mentality of business owners is the same as the average mentality of cellphone users in general?
  3. Trevinator110

    Trevinator110 Newbie

    Keep nextel? That was their biggest failure and costs them way too much and too much hassle to run the dual network structure. The network is already being decommissioned as it as but why would they want to keep it? Plus they're using the spectrum license to nextels 800 MHz to get that low end frequency for their spark tri band network. merging boost and virgin is going to create a very interesting reaction. I hope sprint freedom is going to offer low rates to newer customers cause I could see them eliminating the biggest mvnos on their network and ramping up the price while keeping both virgin and boost existing customers to make more money.
  4. Trevinator110

    Trevinator110 Newbie

    just read the article, it sounds like a pretty good idea but that clear 4g has to live up to standards of delivering consistent fast speeds for optimal voice transfer if they're doing PTT. After seeing the real life speeds of WiMAX, its gonna have to be kept in really good shape to serve businesses reliably.

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