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Sprint Reps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dgeezer, May 18, 2010.

  1. dgeezer

    dgeezer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just got off the phone with a Sprint Supervisor. I'd been on hold for 20 minutes.

    My account wasn't showing me eligible to upgrade in June even though I'm a premiere customer and got the pre on the sixth of June last year. He fixed it so that my phone was the primary line and was eligible to have the one year upgrade.
    Then he says "This means you are eligible for the $150.00 discount on June 6th."
    I say "No, it's the first day of the month."
    "No, June 6th."
    He goes on to say "It won't matter because we don't think the phone will be ready on the 4th anyway. There's problems with the FCC. That was only a target date. We need to make sure there is plenty of inventory in the store."

    What an a$$. Makes me want to drop Sprint altogether. So much for "New, Better customer service."

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  2. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    call back... get another.. I bet you get a different response :)
  3. drksilenc

    drksilenc Android Enthusiast

    ... its a cs rep nothign they say is worth more than 1 second of my time... why bother gettin poed at a lvl 1 employee thats like going into a bestbuy and asking what they discussed at the board meeting
  4. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    I haven't had anything like that experience when I've called the past few days. As far as the FCC problems, they would almost certainly have cleared anything like that up before announcing June 4 so sounds like someone's going off old info too.

    You should forward stuff like that to the dan@sprint.com email and let them continue to correct things like that. Just because they've improved doesn't mean they're perfect.
  5. Aridon

    Aridon Well-Known Member

    There are no issues with the fcc it cleared already. As for you r upgrade date there was another post a week or so ago exactly with your issue. I bet if you call and ask nicely they will move it 2 days. If not two days really isn't that big of a deal. Any other carrier and you would be stuck paying full price until your two years were up
  6. dgeezer

    dgeezer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Lol, I like that. You're also absolutely right. I guess the only thing that got me a little po'ed is that he seemed to be going out of his way to screw with me. Anyway, I'll wait and see if this gets updated on my account online before I call back.
  7. njbianco

    njbianco Android Enthusiast

    um the evo passed all fcc testing last month that guys talking out his a**
  8. mcnutty

    mcnutty Member

    Changing primary lines on an account today will change which phone is eligible for the 12 month upgrade on the next contract, not this one. However customer care can change upgrade eligibility. The other item of note is that if they are doing you a favor, gift horse or whatever. What's with 2 days?

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